Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 110: Re-appraisal

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 I used appraisal to find out what my vassals thought of me.


 First, I checked Ritsu.


 There was a lot of growth in his ability values.


 Overall, there was more growth than when I measured it before.



 Command 97/99

 Bravery 90/90

 Strategy 97/99

 Politics 92/100


 And it came.


 Finally, he achieved the maximum value of his bravery at 90.


 It seems that maxing his bravery is pretty much expected of him. Ritsu is a quite serious person, so he doesn’t neglect to train constantly. It’s a good thing that he’s been able to do so.


 Now, the most important detailed information is ……


 Born on May 30, 189 years of the current Imperial era, in Red Route, Current County, Sights Province, Somerforce Empire. His parents are both dead. Has one sister. Has a serious personality and will eat anything. Enjoys studying and training. He likes receptive women. He is very loyal to his master, Ars.


 I didn’t even have to use it on Ritsu…… or maybe I should have. I even found out what he likes in women.


 Come to think of it, Ritsu is not a ladies man, and if I find a receptive woman, I might as well introduce her to him. Well, we need to check that they don’t discriminate against Marcas.


 And as for his birthday, it’s the 25th of May, so it’s in five days.


 Well, Ritsu didn’t know his own birthday, so we decided to celebrate it on an appropriate date.


 I feel like it’s not right to celebrate it on his real birthday now.


 Also, I didn’t know you were from Messiaen. I didn’t know that. Maybe he doesn’t know too.


 His parents have already passed away……


 But did he know that he has a sister? 


 Could she be still alive? If he is appraised and the dead are said to be dead when they are deceased, can we assume his sister is still alive?


 Somerforce Empire is wide and she is unlikely to be found even if it is alive, but I feel like I would like to them to meet.


 Next, I appraise Charlotte.


 Command 80/92

 Bravery 104/116

 Strategy 45/45

 Politics 37/40


 There’s not much increase in values.


 There is still room for growth in her abilities, so I’m hoping to see some growth there.


 I want to see more information about her, and I’d like to know what Charlotte has in mind because I don’t know what she’s thinking most of the time.


 She was born on November 5, 192 years in the current Imperial era, in Ampar, Massa County, Messiaen Province, Somerforce Empire. Her parents are both dead. A simple person who likes sweets enjoys using magic and sleeping. An ideal person is someone who spoils her. She thinks of Ars her Lord, like her brother.


 …… thinks of me as a brother?


 She’s never been a person, but……


 On the contrary, I should be the one taking care of them.


 Well, I’m glad she doesn’t seem to have any misgivings regarding me.


 I guess I already know most of the information.


 Next, I appraised Russell.


 Command 65/88.

 Bravery 22/32

 Strategy 99 /109

 Politics 77/95


 His abilities’ values have improved from a few months ago.


 I think it’s probably because of the experience he gained from participating in battles and studying under Mireille.


 It’s already an astonishing ability value for an 11-year-old, but the scary thing is that he still has a lot of room for growth.


 So, the results of the appraisal.


 He was born on September 6, 200 years of the current Imperial era, in Torrequista, Canale County, Messiaen Province, Somerforce Empire. His father is alive and well while his mother is dead and he has two older brothers. Pessimistic. He likes vegetable soup, enjoys reading. Still has no preference for the opposite sex. He considers Ars his Lord, to be his best friend.


 Best friend.


 I’m glad to see that he also doesn’t think badly of me either.


 I think Ritsu, Charlotte, and Russell don’t see me in a bad light, but the problem is Mireille.


 I wonder what’s going through this person’s head or her guts.


 I’m going to appraise her.


 Her ability values haven’t changed.


 She not always in a position or mood to improve.


 So I’ll take a look at the personal details.



 She was born on June 15, 181 years of the current Imperial Era, in Alcantes, Alcantes County, Messiaen Province, Samaforce Empire. Her parents are already dead has only one younger brother. She has an unconventional personality. She loves to drink and enjoys drinking. Prefers younger people (of any gender). She thinks the Lord Ars, is an interesting boy.


 Interesting huh…… what a subtle way of putting it. It seems she’s not loyal at all.


 Well, I don’t need to have any appraisal skills to know that Mireille is not the type of person who is deeply loyal to someone.


 She is still someone I have to be wary of.


 But what an unusual preference. She’s able to go either way, which means that she is bisexual or just being Mireille. I feel like I found out something that I shouldn’t know……


 Furthermore, the preference for younger people…… not that I’ve ever thought of myself as being a target of sexual desire, but maybe that’s where I need to be vigilant against her.


 For now, I’ve finished appraising the vassals.


 I think they are probably reliable except for Mireille.


 The fact that the appraisal has evolved means that it might be best not to talk about it to others too much.


 I can now appraise information that they might not want me to know.


 The welcome party was over and so was the day.


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