Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 111: Capture at the Same Time

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 The next day, a war council was held.


 Winter has arrived in Messiaen, and it was getting chilly.


 This year seems to be rather mild, but there is still a possibility of snowfall as we approach the end of June. It will be very difficult to march in such a situation, so we need to hurry up our attack.



“Now, we will start the war council on capturing Starts Castle.” (Clan)



 Capture Fort Bardsen, then move on to capture Starts Castle.


 Starts Castle protects the road leading to Beltud Castle.


 Without capturing it, it would be difficult for a large army to pass to Beltud.


 Although it is a castle built on the plains, its defenses are very high, and the defenses themselves are made of materials that are resistant to magic. They are also well prepared with defensive magic. It is a very strong castle. It’s inevitable that it will be a struggle to take it down, but with the current gap between fighting forces, the possibility of taking it down is not low.



 I heard the story of the general who protects Starts Castle from Lupa.


 The possibility of convincing them to change to our side seems to be very low, so we have to conquer the castle through force or by sieging.



“It would be possible to invade Starts Castle directly from Fort Bardsen, but there is a problem. In here.” (Clan)


 Clan-sama points to the map of Beltud in front of him.


 At the point he pointed to was a castle in the northwest of Starts Castle called Rolt Castle.



“If we ignore this castle and go to capture Starts Castle, we may be attacked from behind. This time if we capture Starts Castle, reinforcements will come from Beltud as well. We’ll be caught in a pincer attack. It is bad, so I need to capture this fort as well.”



 Clan-sama explained.


 Certainly, Rolt Castle is in a position that is hard to ignore.


 Considering the importance of Starts Castle, it seems that this castle was placed in a position where it easily sends reinforcements.



“However, even if you go and capture Rolt Castle, of course at that time, the forces from Starts Castle and Beltud will also come as reinforcements and we’ll also get caught in a pincer attack. So we should split the soldiers into two and capture Starts Castle and Rolt Castle at the same time I think it’s the best plan, but what do you guys think?” (Clan)



 There was no one who objected to Clan-sama’s opinion.


 We are superior in number so far, the disadvantages of dividing soldiers will be very small, and I think it was a good strategy.



“So the army heading towards Starts Castle will be lead by me and the army towards Rolt Castle will be lead by Lemail.” (Clan)


“Me?” (Lemail)



 Lemail-sama’s eyes widen as if it was unexpected.



“Oh, is there a problem?” (Lemail)


“No, if Clan-sama asks me to lead the army, I’ll do my best.” (Lemail)



 If Lemail leads the army attacking Rolt Castle, I’m likely to join his army towards Rolt Castle.


 It was a little surprising that Lemail-sama was chosen as the general.


 There are some people who are in a higher position than Lemail-sama, so does that mean that Lemail-sama is trusted by Clan-sama?


 Anyway, it was decided that Lemail-sama would lead the invasion of Rolt Castle.


 It seems that there are about 5,000 enemy soldiers stationed in Rolt Castle, and 10,000 soldiers will be lead by Lemail-sama.


 The purpose is to prevent them from attacking from Rolt Castle, so if the castle is not captured then it’s fine.


 However, there is no doubt that the enemy will meet with us in a skirmish to act as reinforcements for Starts Castle.


 In that case, most of the soldiers in the enemy’s castle will come out and fight, so if we win the battle, We can easily enter the castle.



“Well, I don’t think we’ll lose if we have twice as many soldiers, but the soldiers at Rolt Castle have a lot of cavalries so that they can send reinforcements to Starts Castle quickly, according to Lupa. You can’t say that even if there are a lot of us, that we will win for sure, because the enemies are skillful, and the terrain will be on the plains. Therefore, I would like to add the Metro Mercenaries to the army heading to Rolt Castle. The Metro Mercenaries are specialists in skirmishes.” (Clan)



 Metro mercenary corps?


 They are the most powerful mercenary group, but so far they haven’t had any notable success.


 It’s not surprising since there haven’t been any battles to show their prowess.


 By the way, I haven’t appraised the leader Cramant.


 He’s not in the war council, so I’ll try to appraise him later.


 We will join Lemail-sama’s army and take part in the Siege of Rolt Castle.

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