Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 112: Cramant

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As decided by the war council, we were to act separately from the main army and attack Rolt Castle.

 Since the castle was taken down by maneuvering, the troops will be well-rested.

 We will finish our preparations for going into battle at once, and the day after tomorrow we will go into battle.

“I’m the general… Ars, and it may be thanks to you.” (Lemail)

 Lemail-sama told me.

“Thanks to me? No, I believe this is a personal decision of Clan-sama. He just trusts Lemail-sama’s skill.”

“You were able to give plans that lead us to where we are. I’m sure he really wants you to lead the army, but you’re too young for that. You might still need to increase your influence. And that is why I am the one to lead.” (Lemail)

“You think be thinking too much.”

 I thought that might be it, but I denied it.

“But what kind of people are the Metro mercenaries joining the army during this battle? You shouldn’t fully trust……. Clan-sama said that they are competent, but I’m still a little nervous. It would be nice if they would work …… that’s right, Ars. You are in charge of a mercenary corps, have you ever met Cramant.” (Lemail)

“We have passed each other”

“Did you appraise him?” (Lemail)

“No, I didn’t, but I intended to.”

“That’s just right. I was going to talk to Cramant, so please come with me.” (Lemail)

“I understand.”

 After that, Lemail-sama sent a messenger out to find out where Cramant was and ordered him to bring him here.

 The messenger returned a few minutes later, alone.

“What happened to Cramant? Didn’t you find him?” (Lemail)

“No, I found him, but he said “if you want to talk to me, you can come to me”. He didn’t seem to pay any attention to anything when I said that Lemail-sama, the Mayor of Canale County, wanted to see him. …… What a rude fellow he was!” (Messenger)

“Hmm. It’s not a strange thing to go out there, since we are the ones who want to talk to him. It’s not as if we’re asking for too much, such as politeness from a mercenary.” (Lemail)

 Some aristocrats would be quite angry here, but Lemail-sama was a rather mild-mannered type.

“I will guide you to the place where Cramant is.” (Messenger)

“Hmmm, I understand.” (Lemail)

 We follow the messenger as he guides us to where Cramant is.

 Cramant was training with the soldiers outside the fort.

 There was the man who I once saw at Sempler Castle and he had quite the memorable atmosphere.

 We just briefly passed each other, but mysteriously I remembered his face.

 Some people, like Ben, are easily forgotten, while others, like Cramant, leave a strong impression.

 Cramant was practicing swordsmanship with the soldiers.

 It is one-vs-five, not one-vs-one.

 The swords coming from multiple directions are brilliantly deflected.

 It’s a powerful swordsmanship. I haven’t appraised it yet, but I could easily imagine that his aptitude was S.

 They fought for a while, and after a few minutes, they stopped fighting to see if they were going to take a break.

“It is brilliant.” (Lemail)

 Lemail-sama spoke to Cramant.

 Cramant silently looked at Lemail-sama.

 It was a cold emotionless stare.

 To be honest, I was a little bit scared.

 However, Lemail did not seem to notice

“As expected of the leader of the famous Metro mercenary corps. I’ve never seen a sword-fighting technique like that before.” (Lemail)

 He then replied.

“I’m not that good at swordsmanship.” (Cramant)

“That’s strange a strange thing to say. You seem to be quite good at it.” (Lemail)

“I’m good at spears and bows. It’s best when I’m riding on a horse. I’m not very good at fighting when I’m away from my mount.” (Cramant)

“If you’re bad at it, what happens if you’re good at something? You’re quite the terrible liar.” (Lemail)

 I thought so too.

 It may be a lie, so I tried to appraise him.


 Cramant Metro III – 30 years old – ♂

  •  Status

 Command 91/95

 Bravery 110/112

 Strategy 65/68

 Politics 55/61

 Ambition 50

 ・ Aptitude

 Infantry A       Cavalry S         Archery S

 Magic Soldier D      Fortification C      Weaponry C

 Navy C         Air Force A           Strategy D


 Born on March 10, 180 years of current Imperial Era, in Barca, Barca County, Lowfile Province, Somerforce Empire. His father is dead but his mother is still alive. Has a realist personality. Loves all meat dishes. He enjoys training and he likes strong women.


 He’s quite the powerful hero.

 And it may not be a lie that he is not good at swords.

 Since his cavalry and archery are both S and his infantry is only A.

 It is strange that he considers A to be no good, but it may be said that he is not good but that is based on Cramant’s Standards.

 He has a good ability, but he is a realist so if he is in a disadvantageous position, he will run away immediately, and not only Cramant but also his mercenaries.

 There is no doubt that he has impeccable ability though, and he can be trusted there.

“And you?” (Cramant)

“I’m Lemail Pails. The man who was assigned to lead the attack on Rolt Castle this time. I wanted to see the face of the mercenary who would cooperate with the army.” (Lemail)

“Hmm, is the messenger your subordinate?” (Cramant)

 He doesn’t seem to flinch to hear that he is an aristocrat.

“That’s right.” (Lemail)

“Who is that kid?” (Cramant)

“I’m Ars Louvent.”

“It doesn’t matter what your name is, and don’t look at me like you’re observing me. It feels bad.” (Cramant)

 Did you feel that I was appraising your skills?

 I’ve never had anyone react to it.

 Is it a coincidence or does this man have an extraordinary sense?

 After that, Lemail-sama had a conversation for about a minute with him, and then the conversation was halted when he resumed his training.

“So you’ve done an appraisal, right? Well, I know he’s not just any guy.” (Lemail)

“Yes, I have done a thorough appraisal. He is not only brave and courageous, but he is also good at commanding troops. I think he has the necessary skills.”

“Hmm, I see. He is competent, there is no doubt about it. Now it’s just a matter of motivation…….” (Lemail)

 Lemail-sama still seems worried.

 As a mercenary, you have to fight for your pay, so I’m sure they’ll fight properly.

 Unless there is some disadvantageous situation, we have superior in the number of soldiers, so I don’t think there is anything to worry about.

 After that, I began to prepare to go into battle on Lemail-sama’s orders.

 Before going into battle, I asked Femme to gather information on Rolt Castle.

 Rather than gathering detailed information, I asked him to gather information such as whether there was a movement in the enemy’s castle, how many men might be there, and what the inside of the castle looked like.

 The fee for the request is quite low since I entrusted him with a scouting job.

 Now we will have more information about the enemy’s castle, so we can deal with any unforeseen circumstances.

 And then the day arrived for us to go into battle.

“The capture of Rolt Castle is important. We have to be successful. Our army is superior to the enemy army. It is an advantageous battle, but we must not get distracted.” (Lemail)

 At the command of Lemail-sama, we marched towards Rolt Castle.

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