Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 115: Determination

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“… It is an emergency” (Lemail)



 In the tent set up on his side, an urgent war council began with the aristocrats all gathered.


 Of course, my vassals and I are also participating.



“The enemy received reinforcements and became an army almost equal to ours. In this case, we are now doubtful on our chances of winning. Should we also ask for reinforcements from Clan-sama?” (Lemail)



 He asked with a slightly impatient look on his face.



“I am not sure if Clan-sama’s reinforcements will be able to get… in time. I do not know how far Clan-sama has advanced as of now…, but I am sure the enemy will be able to get here fairly quickly. I cannot imagine it is any slower than relaying the request and then having the reinforcements reach this point.” (Lemail)


“Well … then we ask for reinforcements, fall back and buy some time. Then the reinforcements can fight with us and wind with sufficient strength, I think?”

“In that case, I think that enemy reinforcements will certainly come too…” (Russel)



 Russell is a little worried.



“I do not know what you are worried about.” (Cramant)



 Cramant, who was participating in the war council, spoke out.



“There is an equal number of enemies, right? Then we will just have to fight and win.” (Cramant)


“It is easy for you to say … The enemy has strong troops and high morale. We are coming in certain of our victory, and if the soldiers find out that there are more enemies than we expected, morale could be lowered.” (Lemail)


“No matter how good they are; they will not be better than us. We will not lose. Or are you skeptical of our ability?” (Cramant)


“No, I am not skeptical about the ability of the Metro Mercenary…” (Lemail)



 Lemail-sama had pretty much said he could not trust him.


 If the numbers are the same and if they are inferior, the Metro Mercenary may withdraw immediately.



“I tell you the truth; we always do the work for the price we have paid. We have survived that way. We have received a huge contract from Clan Salemakia. Of course, we will finish the contract.” (Cramant)



 Cramant said those words probably having noticed Lemail-sama’s worries.



“I am against pulling back here. The strength has not doubled by five times. It is okay to withdraw during the battle.” (Mireille)


“But Teacher. Since the enemy is comprised of cavalries, if we withdraw during the battle, there is a high chance they would catch up and destroy us. Then, the enemy soldiers who gained momentum in victory will attack the back of the main force, which is the worst-case scenario. That would be extremely bad.” (Russell)



 Russell replied.



“You have a point. Nevertheless, if we pull back and ask for reinforcements, it could hinder the main force’s invasion. Even if we are held back, we will lose if the main body fails to take Starts Castle. We must not lose sight of the purpose of this battle.” (Mireille)



 Mireille argued back.



“It is true …… but if there is a pincer attack and the entire army is devastated, it will be impossible to continue the war, and …… then it will take a considerable amount of time to rebuild, or the worst thing that could happen is that Clan-sama would be defeated…… It is certainly best to intercept and win this way. We might lose similarly but the degree of loss might be less… How high is the win rate…?” (Russell)



 After that, Russell started thinking, muttering by himself.


 It is a pretty difficult situation with many things to think about.



“I think we should continue to intercept them. I am sure you will be able to find a way to make it work. The morale is high, but the enemy seems to be quite impatient to act as reinforcements as soon as possible. That would give us a lot of ways on how we could attack.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu seems to be in favor of fighting.



“Um … Ars. What do you think?” (Lemail)



 Lemail-sama asked me a question.


 Well, to be honest, I want to run away.


 Even 5,000 is a bit scary, but 10,000 is quite terrifying.


 However, it is just a matter of emotion, and I do not know if pulling back is the best option.


 I have not appraised the enemy’s generals, so I cannot say for sure, but we have some great talents over here. It is unlikely that the enemy has a lot of talented personnel.


 For sure, the enemy forces will be quite hasty, so I think it is possible to exploit that.


 It seems that the demoralization of our own army due to the number of enemies being higher than expected can still be managed.


 If we pull without fighting here, Clan-sama’s reputation may take a hit.


 All in all, I think we should intercept the enemy at this place as it is.



“I think we should meet with the enemy as it is.”


“…Really” (Lemail)



 Lemail-sama then consults with other aristocrats.


 There were few who are against it.


 In response to those opinions, Lemail-sama said



“We will meet the enemy army as it is. Hurry up and get ready for battle.” (Lemail)



 Gave his command.



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