Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 116: The Strategy

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“Oh, new information from Shadow came.” (Mireille)



 The sound [Transmit] came from the catalyst engine of Mireille.


 The sound continued to ring for quite a long time. I was worried that it would be impossible to decipher it since it was quite long, but my fears were unfounded.



“We’ve got information about the enemy army. They’ll be here in about ten hours. It’s a pretty fast pace. No doubt they are in quite a hurry to act as reinforcements. I have also received reports that their morale seems to be high.” (Mireille)



 Mireille explained the information that arrived as a-matter-of-factly.



“It seems that the enemy army wants to go to support Starts Castle as soon as possible.” (Mireille)



 That would be the natural course of action.


 If they march slowly, Starts Castle will be captured.


 It’s a great condition to set a trap, but what kind of trap should we set?


 Magic traps are not so easy to set up and can take three days to set one up, making them impossible to use at this moment.



“I think this strategy is the best.” (Russell)



 Russell, who had been silently thinking about something until now, suddenly opened his mouth.



“Did you come up with something?”


“Yeah. I came up with a good way to lure our enemies. First of all, there’s a forest behind us, right?” (Russell)





 This road runs through a forest, and the forest is just behind where our camp is.


 There were some opinions about setting up an encampment in the forest, but since we have more than twice as many men as the enemy before, it was decided to set up an encampment on the plains, where we could easily take advantage of our numbers.



“We will hide the troops. Then after we lure them we will shower them with arrows & magic from the forest. Cavalries are vulnerable to surprise attacks. Especially since they can’t counter a surprise attack from a long distance, there’s no doubt that it will cause havoc within their ranks. It’s not just the archers and magicians that should be hidden, but also the infantry. They will pincer the enemy as they try to escape and destroy them.” (Russell)



 How about the lure?


 The enemy will be in a hurry to advance, so there seems to be a high chance of success.



“There’s a problem. The enemy will certainly be in a hurry to move forward and become distracted, but they will at least be sending out scouts. They’ll be able to see our movements to some extent. If we do this, they’ll know and we’ll be found out.” (Mireille)



 Mireille pointed out.



“I think we can play along and make it look as if a lot of soldiers have really deserted, and then place them in the forest. If the enemy is tricked and sees that we’re not in control, they’ll be easier to lure in because of the boost in enemy morale.” (Russell)


“You can either let them act…… but it’s difficult to tell all of our soldiers that they are not truly deserting without the enemy knowing, and it can be demoralizing.” (Ritsu)



 This time there was an issue pointed by Ritsu.



“That’s something to worry about. Right?” (Lemail)


“Well, as far as morale is concerned, we’ll figure it out if we play our cards right.” (Mireille)



 Mireille seemed to know how to boost the morale of the soldiers.


 She seems confident because she has led soldiers many times.



“Who will do the desertion?” (Lemail)


“I thought it would be most realistic to let the Metro mercenary leave. It wouldn’t be surprising if the conversation broke down at the last minute and we left. Furthermore, the enemy will be wary of the Metro Mercenaries, so it would be easy to catch them off guard when they find out we are gone.” (Cramant)


“I think the Metro Mercenaries would do a good job of taking them by surprise. The only question is whether they’re really going to leave.” (Mireille)



 Cramant is still here, but Mireille did not hesitate to raise her doubts.



“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that strategy, I’ll just do it if I’m told to.” (Cramant)


“What do you think? Boy” (Mireille)



 I think what Cramant is saying is true.


 Even with advanced appraisal skills, it is still impossible to guess what you really are, but I think there are very few reasons for them to leave us.


 If he has a personality that dislikes surprise attacks, Cramant would still be the type of person who would be fine with dirty tricks to win. Since he seems to be a realist.



“I think Cramant is reliable.”


“Then I think that strategy is fine. I think it’s up to the commander to decide how we will proceed.” (Cramant)



 We thought about the strategy, but it is still Lemail-sama who decides whether or not to do it.


 I told Lemail that we had come up with a plan, and when I told him about the plan, he adopted it.


 So firstly, Cramant had immediately left.


 I wish they can be deceived.


 Finally, a few hours later, the enemy forces advanced very close to our own position.


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