Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 117: Start of the Skirmish

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 The report came in that the enemy forces were advancing nearer


 The current situation is that our own troops are upset with the fact that the Metro mercenary group had deserted, and the soldiers appeared quite distressed.


 Here’s the plan to boost morale.



“Listen up! The Metro Mercenaries have left, but word is that reinforcements are coming from the main force! Reinforcements will be arriving in a few hours, so you can win enough without the Metro Mercenaries!” (Lemail)




 Lemail-sama announced loudly.


 Of course, the story that reinforcements are coming is a lie.


 The schemer of this plan is Mireille.


 A smart person might think it’s a lie, but most ordinary soldiers are not so smart, so they would easily be fooled.


 This time, the morale has dropped due to the desertion, so it is expected that the morale will rise if they hear that soldiers will be coming as reinforcements soon.


 In fact, when Lemail-sama gave the information that reinforcements were coming, the soldiers’ expressions began to light up.


 They seemed to be feeling uneasy, but it seemed to be easily dispelled.


 Then, I came to a point where the enemy is now visible.


 Will the battle finally begin?


 They do not charge immediately. Once the advance was halted.


 It seems unlikely that they would charge in without thinking.


 We can see the enemy, but because it’s a plain, we can only see them, but the distance is still quite far.


 We still can’t launch an attack from here by shooting from a bow.



“They are not coming…” (Lemail)


“Are they suspicious of our movements?”



 It is possible that the information that our reinforcements are coming soon may be known to the enemy forces, but even if so, there would be no reason to hesitate here, since they know that the “coming soon” part is unlikely.


 Carefully observing the movements of the enemy forces, there was finally some movement.


 A man on a big horse came out in front of the soldiers and raised his sword and headed for us.


 Then a large number of their cavalry follow.


 Seeing the cavalry charge, Lemail-sama signals the soldiers to prepare.


 I shuddered as I saw the power of the cavalry charge up close.


 I have witnessed several cavalries running during training, but for the first time, I have witnessed so many cavalries running.


 The rumbling caused by the running of the horses is so loud that it made me wonder if an earthquake is happening instead.


 If the vanguard soldiers were afraid of it and collapsed, the entire army will collapse at this rate.


 When the cavalry came near the range of the bow, they would have their bows at the ready, and all at once, the archers would start shooting, sending a rain of arrows at the cavalry.


 But since they are skilled cavalrymen, they don’t get hit by arrows easily, wither knocking them off or avoiding them.


 And then there are the mages, but this time they didn’t bring a large catalyst engine with them. Since they’re not going to be able to make the best out of it.


 Also, since the ether of explosion is limited it can only be used for the siege battles, only flame magic and sound magic can be used at this battle.


 The only magic that can be used to attack is fire magic.


 Intermediate and basic mages prepared flame magic all at once and began to release them en masse.


 Weak cavalry corps that have not taken any measures can easily be annihilated by this amount of magic attacks, but this time the opponents were different.


 There were magic cavalries who used magic while on horses.


 Magic cavalries use defensive magic to charge while preventing fire magic from reaching.


 Magic cavalries are difficult to raise because they can only be made from talented people and it is very difficult to use spells while riding a horse, but if you want to make good use of a cavalryman on a magic-filled battlefield, it is difficult to be without one.



“What is with the defensive magic?” (Charlotte)



 Charlotte, who has a medium-sized catalyst engine, begins to cast spells and uses powerful flame-type magic called [Blaze].




 The [blaze] used by Charlotte, caused a big explosion and her low-tier magic [Fire Barrett], exerted overwhelming power, shattering the enemy’s defense magic into fine dust and blowing off a large number of cavalry.



“Oh!” (Charlotte)


“You’re doing great Charlotte.”



 I thought we’ve given our opponent a strong shock, but they don’t hold back and charged at us.



“Bastards!! Don’t think you can scare me with this, I’ll kill you later!” (Huge Knight)



 The one who shouted out was the big man who led the enemy cavalry.


 I wondered if he was expanding his voice with a Hyper Voice, but the man has a long halberd, not a catalyst machine, so I guess it’s his normal voice.


 That man seems to be quite capable.


 Ritsu, who was waiting on a horse near me, held a bow while riding a horse and shot an arrow at the man.


 The versatile Ritsu is also good at handling bows. Because he has an aptitude of A.


 Taking into account the speed of the man, he accurately aimed the arrow at the man’s head, but it was knocked down.


 He fired in rapid succession, but the result was the same.



“He’s pretty tough.” (Ritsu)



 He seems to have quite a fairly high level of bravery.


 I don’t know the actual number because he’s not at a distance that I can appraise him.


 The cavalry charges into tour infantry on the defensive position.


 At this time, the magical cavalry strikes a series of magic to destroy the defensive fence with fire-attribute magic.


 The defending mages use defensive magic to block it.


 However, some fences are burned, and a horse got through the gaps.


 The infantry, who were holding their spears, were defeated by the momentum of the cavalry.


 It was bad enough that they have been attacked and are now collapsing, so they were immediately moved to cover the weakened area.


 However, the situation on the front line seems to be getting much worse as the momentum of the cavalry assault continues to grow stronger.



“You’ve got a lot more skill than I thought. If we had fought normally, we would have lost.” (Mireille)



 Mireille carefreely gave her opinion.



“This is no time for that. If we’re not careful, we could lose even if we have a plan.” (Russell)


“That’s okay. We’re so well outnumbered that the enemy won’t think it’s a trap if we fall back. We can’t afford a major collapse, so we’ll have to do something about that.” (Mireille)



 Then Russell and Mireille went to talk to Lemail-sama, and the entire army began to retreat.


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