Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 119: Successful Ambush

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 “What!?” “Ambush!”



 At the perfect moment, the Metro mercenary corps launched the surprise attack.


 The enemy would be attacked by mages and archers from the flank.


 The barriers from magical cavalry were also weak against surprise attacks since they still needed to cast spells.


 The army archers and Metro mercenary corps seem to have many master archers and with unbelievable accuracy.


 A proper counter attack is not possible, and a large number of cavalry are felled in a short time.



“Captain!! There are soldiers from behind!” (Enemy Soldier)


“What!” (Dan)



 It seems that the enemy captain has now noticed that he is completely surrounded.


 The look of composure that had convinced them of victory earlier was replaced by anxiety.


 However, the expression on his face soon changed to one of calmness.



“We were trapped and surrounded! But there is still a way for us!” (Dan)



 Enemy Captain Dan shouted aloud,



“If we can kick out the small fry in front of us and kill the enemy general, we win! Bastards, get ready!!” (Dan)




 Dan shouted, ran his horse, and charged towards us.


 The captain charged in and the soldiers couldn’t just stand there and watch, so the cavalrymen came charging in as well.



“They’re in a tight spot and they’ve narrowed down their options. They have the look of people who are ready to go.” (Mireille)


“Don’t let your guard down …” (Ritsu)



 Mireille and Ritsu said so.


 Both their analysis is correct, and it seems that the enemy soldiers, with a desperate effort to advance, have come for Lemail-sama’s head, charging towards a desperate struggle.


 Even with a surprise attack from the side, it seems that the enemy cavalry is well trained to maintain morale and follow command.


 Since the enemy knows that there are now soldiers flanking them after the surprise attack, magic attacks are now beginning to be halted by defensive magic.


 The enemy is quite powerful, and the soldiers of our army begin to get pushed down.


 In particular, the enemy’s captain, Dan, is doing a tremendous job, crippling several soldiers with one swing of his giant halberd.


 Ritsu, who was watching Dan’s fighting prowess said,




“I will bring him down.” (Ritsu)



 Saying that he charged with his horse.


 Dan’s effect is indeed tremendous, and if we defeat him, the enemy will fall into chaos and become demoralized.


 However, it is not good for Ritsu to die by fighting such a strong man. I have to stop him.





“But……” (Ritsu)


“Let him go.” (Mireille)



 Mireille interrupted from the side.



“If we don’t stop him now, I don’t know what will happen. It’s a good thing that we’re able to get the best out of it. He will be able to fight better than me. The only thing we can do is to let Ritsu fight.” (Mirelle)




“You can’t be a good lord if you don’t believe in the power of your vassals.” (Mireille)



 Mireille’s words struck a chord.


 It is not good for the vassals to be coddled.


 I’m not saying that Ritsu can’t win either.



“… Can you beat him, Ritsu?”


“I will win.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu answered immediately.


 We may have witnessed Dan’s strength, but nonetheless, I don’t feel any fear from Ritsu.


 You can see the certainty in his eyes that he will win.



“Okay, take his head.”


“Understood.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu Charged to the front line where Dan was.


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