Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 12: Overwhelming talent

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“Well, let’s use magic.” (Ars)



 When we arrived at the plains, we confirmed that there were no
people around us and gave Charlotte the tools to use magic.


 Ether and a catalyst engine.


 Ether is contained in a canister made of leather.


 The catalyst engine looks like a sphere that is about the size of
a baseball ball, with a lot of unreadable mysterious characters.


 It has a chain and is placed around the neck.


 Ritsu first put ether in the catalyst engine.


 The catalyst engine had a lid, which Ritsu opened. Then poured the
ether from the canister into it. The murky liquid flows into the catalyst
engine. Only a small amount can be added.


 Once you use magic, all the ether in it disappears. Therefore, it
is impossible to fire continuously.



“Hang this around your neck.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu gave Charlotte the catalyst machine that was poured with
magical water.


 She takes it and hangs it around as she was told.



“I have it on, how do you use it?”


“You can use it by casting a spell while
having it around on your neck. The poured ether is the ether of fire, so you
can use fire attribute magic.” (Ritsu)


“What? There are various kinds of
ether?” (Ars)



 I have only seen red ether. Is there another kind?



“Yes, there are. There are various colors
such as blue and green.” (Ritsu)


“What happens if the colors are
different?” (Ars)


“There a lot of different attributes in magic,
and the attribute that can be used is determined by the color of ether. Red ether
is called ether of fire because it’s used for fire magic. Blue ether is called
ether of water because it activates water magic. Finally, green ether is called
magical water of air because green activates wind magic.” (Ritsu)


“How many attributes are there?”



“There are a lot of them. In addition to
the three attributes, there are lightning attributes, darkness attributes,
light attributes, ice attributes, sound attributes, poison attributes, shadow
attributes, curse attributes, healing attributes, enhancement attributes,
etc.” (Ritsu)



 It’s more than what I imagined.


 I think the attributes he listed is a lot, but is there more? I
wonder if there is a difference between shadow attributes and dark attributes.


 I think some differences are why the attributes were separated.



“Messiaen is the main source of magic
stones of fire, where they are mined, and also the main source of the ether of
fire. Next to the ether of fire, Is it ether of sound?”



 Sounds…what is the use of sound magic?


 Will it be used when giving commands on the battlefield?


 Or maybe it makes a sound bomb that breaks the eardrum.


 If that is the case, the caster will be damaged as well, so it’s
no good.



“Can you tell me the chant?”



 I was a little focused on the explanation, that we forgot
Charlotte was there.



“I’m sorry, I’ll teach you now.”



 Ritsu hurriedly teaches the spell.



“I’m going to let you use the fireball
this time. The chant is ‘fire, burn your enemies.'”



 This is the magic I used before.


 The fireballs fly in a straight line and explode when it hits the


 The magnitude of the explosion mine made is small.


 The fire ball’s explosion, which I released, was only small but if
a talented one releases it, a larger explosion may occur.



“When you use magic, you have to put your
palms forward. Otherwise, it won’t work.” (Ritsu)


“Right or left?” (Charlotte)


“It’s easier to aim with your dominant
arm.” (Ritsu)


“Then left” (Charlotte)



 Charlotte seems to be left-handed.


 Ritsu said that the plains were populated with trees and that she
should shoot one of them with a fireball.


 Charlotte faces her left palm toward the nearest tree that was



“Fire, burn your enemies.”



 Cast a spell.


 Then, the catalytic converter emits light for a moment. Almost at
the same time, a flame blasted out of Charlotte’s palm.


 Flying at a tremendous speed and upon hitting a tree.


 A tremendous sound echoed around, causing a huge explosion.

 The tree disappeared without a trace.


 And only a large crater was left at the site of the explosion.


 Ritsu and I look at it with a stunned expression.


 Previously, the power of the explosion of my fireball was like a
firecracker. I was shocked to see how it could change with just a different



“…Is this great?”(Charlotte)


“It’s not a bad occurrence… I’ve seen
mages on the battlefield many times, but I’ve never seen Fireball explode like
this before… did you use it?” (Ritsu)



Charlotte nodded.



“No doubt. She’s a magical genius.”



 Even if Ritsu didn’t tell me, once I saw her magic, I knew it. 



“But Ars-sama’s ability to see talent is
amazing. I’m impressed.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu said with a respectful look.


 I found Charlotte to be an incredible mage, just as her status


 If people witness her power, even father will have to accept her.


 Being convinced that she could be a vassal, we journeyed on the way back to the mansion.

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