Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 120: Close Combat

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~3rd Person Perspective~


 At the behest of Ars, Ritsu charge to where the enemy captain Dan was.


 In his hand, he held a halberd.


 He’s not just good with swords and bows, but also with long-handled weapons while fighting as cavalry.


 The halberd in particular was one of his favorite weapons.


 Handling the horse with dexterity, Ritsu headed down to Dan.


  Dan was actively fighting on the front lines, wielding a large halberd and cutting down soldiers one by one.



“Ora-ora! Get out of the way small fries! We only want your general’s neck!” (Dan)


“Hi!” (Clan’s Soldiers)



 The only people in the front line were brave soldiers who were well trained, but they still got frightened by Dan’s spirit.


 Ritsu stood in front of Dan and parried his halberd.


 With just a clash of our blades, Ritsu knew that Dan’s power is extraordinary.


 On the contrary, Dan, too, immediately saw the power Ritsu holds.


 Although Ritsu has a lithe body, his body has considerable muscle power.


 Ritsu believed he will never lose with Dan based on just their strength.



“I didn’t know the Marcans have capable fighters among them.” (Dan)



 Looking at Ritsu, Dan has a has look of surprise on his face.



“What is a Marcan doing on the battlefield of us Messiaens?” (Dan)


“I’m not going to waste my time with you. I will offer your head to Ars-sama.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu held his halberd with a sharp look in his eyes.



“There seems to be an unusual lord in your army. Well, if you’re strong, you’re worthy of being a vassal, whether you’re a Marcan or a gorilla.” (Dan)



 Dunn matched it and held up his halberd.



“Tell me your name, man I am about to Kill. I am Dan Aracet.” (Dan)


“… Ritsu Muses.” (Ritsu)



 After they finished saying their names, they drove their horses and began to slash each other.


 The battle on horseback between the two masterful fighters was a masterpiece.


 Despite being on horseback, which normally decreases stability and makes it difficult to wield weapons, both were able to freely control the halberd.


 Both can dismount or send the other’s horse flying sideways at the right moment to evade attacks or try to enter the enemy’s blind spot to slash.


 From the side, the two of them are almost evenly matched, but it was Dan who had an anxious look on his face.



(This guy … he’s strong despite his appearance … The speed with which he swings his halberd, the technique of using feint attacks … he’s definitely not an ordinary person…) (Dan)




 Currently, they were both on the defensive and had no means of creating a finishing attack.



“Ahhhhh!!” (Enemy Cavalry)



 An enemy cavalry other than Dan charges at Ritsu.


 Effortlessly dodging the attack, he slashed at the torso of his enemy using his halberd.


 Being distracted by another soldier created a gap in Ritsu’s defense.


 Dan has no sense of fairness in battle; he is a man who will kill if he can.


 He won’t miss this opportunity. Aiming at Ritsu’s neck, Dan swung the halberd.


 Of course, Ritsu also understood from his abundant combat experience that he would be killed if a gap appears.


 Immediately sensing Dan’s attack, Ritsu was in a position where he couldn’t parry the slash, so he dodged and avoided the halberd. At the same time, he was avoiding the blade, he instantly took out a knife using his left hand and slashed the unprotected area above Dan’s gauntlet.


 Using the momentum of Dan’s slash, he used the knife to slashed Dan’s dominant arm.



“Ugh!!” (Dan)



 Blood spills from Dan’s right arm.


 Ritsu was convinced that he had inflicted a deep injury from his counter.


 Dan can’t use his halberd anymore.


 Ritsu swung his halberd with all his might and slashed at Dan.


 Dan seems to have accepted it, and as expected, Dan couldn’t hold it because his arm wasn’t able to hold his halberd so it fell.


 Without any pause, Ritsu slashed Dan’s neck with his halberd.


 Dan’s head soars into the air, with a shower of blood.


 Ritsu catches his head.


 And as he raised the severed head,


“I defeated Dan Aracet!!” (Ritsu)


 Ritsu shouted as loud as possible.


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