Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 121: Complete Victory

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  “I defeated Dan Aracet!!” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu’s shout roared over the battlefield.


 It is still amazing that Ritsu was able to cross blades with that powerful-looking captain and defeat him in the end.


 I was quite worried, but it seemed to be a completely unfounded worry.


 Anyway, from now on, the enemy will have no one who will take command.


 The fact that Dan was defeated seems to have upset them tremendously.



“Not yet! Defeat the enemy in one fell swoop!” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu, who had gone to the front, roused the troops with a shout.




 The front line soldiers, who had been pushed aside, regained momentum and took out the disoriented enemy cavalry one by one.


 Trying their best to regain control of the troops, a sort of second-in-command tried, but unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to have high enough bravery or leadership.


 Finally, the enemy soldiers, no longer able to withstand the onslaught, scattered and ran away.


 The cavalry that had fled in the direction of the forest was the target of the archers and mages, who were unable to keep up their speed because of the lack of a proper road and the forest, and they were taken down, while the soldiers that had fled behind were taken down by the Metro mercenaries.


 We succeeded in taking out most of a large number of cavalrymen.


 It was also a great achievement in a short period.


 Although we have not yet defeated the enemy commander, the defeat of the cavalry means that the enemy has lost plenty of weapons.



“With this momentum, the enemy general will be defeated!”



 My prediction was that the opponent would flee, but the enemy had advanced to the vicinity of the forest to help the besieged cavalry.


 They are completely outnumbered, and we have furthermore destroyed the main cavalry. On top of that, they are still trying to rush to reinforce the army, so their camp is not well constructed and not ready to fight.


 Victory seemed almost certain.


 The first thing to do was to let the enemy forces know that they had taken Dan’s head.


 It seems that he was quite a well-known person, and it was a shock to the enemy army.


 Seeing that, the Metro mercenary company rushed ahead.


 Cramant took the lead and charged with 500 cavalrymen, and with tremendous strength, he spread chaos among the enemy ranks and as he fell many of the enemy soldiers.


 Lemail-sama sees it and orders a full-force attack.



“Take out the head of the enemy general Jean!” (Lemail-sama)



 At this time, the enemy soldiers are attacked by a large army, and the enemy soldiers are frightened and some of them deserted.


 But it seems that the enemy general Jean has no intention of pulling back.



“We have no option of pulling back! Fight!” (Jean)



 The instructions were flying instructions using sound magic.


 However, it was clear to everyone that the enemy was outnumbered and outgunned.


 They were outnumbered, their command structure was broken, and they didn’t seem to be able to regroup, so we were able to easily defeat the enemy soldiers.


 The soldiers who came as reinforcements also started to retreat when they were sure of their loss.


 Finally, we succeeded in defeating the enemy general Jean, and the victory of the battle has been decided.

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