Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 124: War Council

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 The war council began as soon as we are gathered.


 First, I explained the current situation of the battle at Starts Castle.



“I see… They’re in a tough situation…” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu shared his thought.



“I heard that teacher’s younger brother arrived there, but is he participating in the defense of Starts Castle?” (Russell)


“I’m sure he is. It is what I have taught him to do, to accurately exploit the weaknesses of the enemy. It seems that in this battle, that lesson is being followed.” (Mireille)



 Mireille said as if it were someone else’s problem, even though Clan-sama was suffering because of that lesson.


 It was a long time ago, so I’m not going to tell her to feel bad about it.



“Anyway, I think we should go send reinforcements since they are in a tough situation…… I was talking to Lemail-sama that it would be more effective if we go send reinforcements in a way that the enemy doesn’t expect.”


“That’s right. I want to hear everyone’s opinions.” (Lemail)



 Lemail-sama declared.



“How much ether of the explosion is stored inside the castle? Our plan can change based on the amount If it’s a lot, I’d say it’s safe to deliver it as usual.” (Lemail)


“It’s about 300M”



 I checked this out before we had the war council.



“300M is not a lot. It takes about 30M to release one magic from a large catalyst engine. If you want to make a surprise attack and aim at a place where the defensive magic is thin, if Charlotte uses it, she can break the wall with two or three shots, but if there is defensive magic applied, 300M won’t be enough to destroy it.”


“So the only option is to take them by surprise, right?” (Lemail)


“There is also the option of distracting the enemy by making it look like a surprise attack. If we want to do this, though, we’ll need to communicate with Clan…… beforehand and coordinate with them carefully.” (Mireille)




“I think we should do a surprise attack. For surprise attacks, the first thing to do is to find the enemy’s weak spot, and then Charlotte will shoot explosion magic into it to break down the barrier. Then, the troops are going to pass through the destroyed walls, opening the gates of the enemy’s castle, disabling the defensive magic, and rampaging. Then, let the main force attack the castle and conquer it. This would be a great strategy. When we infiltrate the enemy’s castle, we’ll be able to fight all out and it’ll be fun.” (Mireille)



 I don’t want you to decide on a strategy depending on whether it’s fun or not, but I also think a surprise attack is the most effective.



“I think it’s okay to do surprise attack, but … the question is, where is the weak point of the castle? Is there a book that describes the structure of the castle?” (Russell)



 Russell asks Lemail-sama.



“I had them search the archives and they found a book that describes the basic structure of Starts Castle. It didn’t say where the traps were or anything that seems to be classified as a military secret.” (Lemail)



 Lemail-sama opened a map on his desk showing the floor plan of Starts Castle.



“The walls enclose a fairly large area……. It is going to be difficult to attack and send troops in…….”



 There is a town inside the walls. It’s also possible that civilians could get caught up in the battle.



“This seems to be a weak spot.” (Mireille)



 Mireille pointed to an area.


 It is the northwest part of the castle wall.



“How do you know?”


“To use defensive magic, it is essential to have mages. The better the quality of mages deploying defensive magic, the better the defense, but it would be impossible for one person to handle everything on this large wall. I think we need at least thirty of them. On top of that, the most important thing is to defend the southern wall, near the main gate. If that gate is breached, a large number of troops will come charging in, so they would need to fortify their defense there. On the other hand, the northwest side has no gate and is on a slope, making it difficult to attack. The probability of us attacking from here is low, so relatively weaker mages will be in charge of the defensive magic here.” (Mireille)


“I see… but then it’s difficult to attack from here, right?”


“I think that if we cooperate with Clan-sama, we can increase the probability of success. They can pretend to attack and keep their focus on the main gate.” (Mireille)



 The higher the focus on the main gate, the less alert they would be against surprise attacks.


 If that’s the case, the success rate of the mission will be higher.



“I think it would be better to contact Clan-sama immediately. We’ll decide on a specific strategy after we get information from Clan-sama and the main force.” (Lemail)



 Lemail-sama then wrote a letter and sent it to Clan-sama.


 I called my vassals together and began to discuss the matter. 


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