Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 127: The Enemy’s Aim

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 A letter from Clan arrived here at Rolt Castle.


 Lemail-sama opens the letter and reads the contents aloud.


 The content was a letter about the surprise attack strategy.


 First of all, the letter praised the plan, saying that they were currently in a difficult situation and the surprise attack would be a great help.


 It also said that our troops might not be enough, so he would lend some soldiers. It includes where and when they would meet us.


 It also said that they would be attacking Starts Castle three days from today and that we should align the surprise attack in coordination with their schedule.


 The letter concluded with an order to send back a reply if there were any problems, and if there were no problems, we are to begin immediately.



“What do you think everyone? Can we start immediately?” (Lemail)




 Lemail-sama asked the council.



“I don’t think there are any problems with the plan. Though, I think we need to keep checking on the castle’s status as we march.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu replied.


 Russell and Mireille did not have any objections either.


 It would take three days to reach Starts Castle from Rolt Castle.


 If we are going to act in coordination with Clan-sama’s attack, it would be better to go into battle immediately.


 I’ve already made preparations so that we can start moving immediately.



“OK! Advance to Starts Castle!” (Lemail)



 With Lemail-sama issuing such a command, we marched from Rolt Castle to Starts Castle.






 Along the way, we were steadily heading towards Starts Castle, marching the soldiers carefully so that the enemy wouldn’t notice us.


 We also let Shadow observe the movements around Starts Castle.


 If something happened, it would be better to have Femme nearby for any change of request to Shadow. So he left the intelligence work to his subordinates and he accompanied me instead.


 Along the way, we met the soldiers dispatched by Clan-sama, and our number increased.


 This will also increase the chances of our surprise attack to succeed.


 After that, I received a report from Shadow.


 It was Ben who came to give the report.



“We’ve confirmed strange activity at Starts Castle. It seems that mage troops have gone outside. They have a large catalytic machine and are moving around as sneakily as possible.” (Ben)


“Where are their current position?”


“On top of the mountain. I heard that it’s a mountain where they can see the main army as they move. Do you think they are planning a surprise attack?” (Ben)



 I wonder if they are planning to surprise the main army and severely wound Clan-sama’s army.


 Russell asks Ben a question.



“Is that mountain the Torai mountain?” (Russell)


“Yes, that’s it.” (Ben)


“Torai is the only mountain around here where they can get a good view of the main army, but …… it seems odd. In the event that they’ve got a large catalytic machine, the speed of its march will be too slow, and they will be discovered while they are marching to the place before it can be reached. …… I wonder what they’re planning.” (Russell)



 It seems that the enemy’s aim cannot be read by Russell.



“I see. It’s the kind of move that Thomas would think of.” (Mireille)



 Mireille said.



“What do you know?”


“Oh, he’s probably going to kill Clan.” (Mireille)


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