Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 128: Insight

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“What do you know?”



 Mireille said she understood the meaning of the enemy’s movements, so I asked her.



I told you before that my brother is in the enemy army. Maybe it’s his idea of a plan.” (Mireille)



 So you think you know what your brother is thinking?



“What is their strategy?”


“The large catalytic engine can’t reach the main army, but it’s not attack magic that will help them in this war. It is a spell called Rain that causes a brief but localized downpour. With this magic, we can make it rain wherever the clan is.” (Mireille)


“Let it rain… What are they going to do?”


The land where Clan is camped is the target. The roads here are a bit poorly maintained and the ground tends to get muddy. When it rains, mobility will be deprived. Also, the sound of the rain makes it difficult to hear other sounds. Yes, it is Thomas’s strategy, to deprive Clan of mobility and hearing and make it easier for Thomas to succeed in a surprise attack. Perhaps he is moving an ambush unit that’s moving unnoticed.” (Mireille)


“If they kill Clan-sama in that surprise attack…”


“That’s the idea.” (Mireille)



 There is also the question of whether it will work as they plan.


 Why doesn’t Clan-sama destroy the large catalytic engine that is heading for the mountains in the first place?



 I ask.




“Why is Clan-sama letting the enemy’s large catalytic engine head for the mountains?”


“It’s probably because he can’t read the enemy’s aim. If they are directing the soldiers to a place that seems to have nothing to do with the battle, they can’t afford to devote soldiers to them. They have to take into account the possibility that it is a trap or something.” (Mireille)



 Certainly, as long as you do not know the enemy’s goal, it could be fatal if you act poorly.



“It’s a very bad situation for our army if Clan-sama dies.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu said so.


 I understand it well.


 Without Clan, the legitimacy of this army would be lost and we will fall apart.


 Not only would I lose my promotion, but my ability would be doubted.


 I have to avoid that.



“I have to advise Clan-sama to defeat the troops heading to the mountains immediately.”


“There’s a good chance that they won’t make it in time… In the first place, we may have noticed it late and we may not be physically able to make it in time.” (Mireille)


“That … that is …”


“It’s possible that they won’t make it, but I’m not saying they it’s impossible. It would be better to send help instead. We need someone who can get to the scene as quickly as possible. It must be someone strong enough to save Clan from a surprise attack.” (Mireille)



 When she said that, the image of Femme the Shadow master and Ben popped into my mind.


 Currently, Femme is still here.


 We should be able to ask them now.



“Let’s leave it to Shadow”


“Spy mercenaries… Well, that might be the best way.” (Mireille)


I‘ll ask him right away.”




 I rushed to Femme and made a request.




he general is going to die? That’s a big deal, isn’t it?”




 He said that as if it were someone else’s problem.


 Well, in fact, it may be not his business from his point of view.



“Will I get paid?” (Femme)


Oh, yeah, how much are you asking?”


“I want something other than gold.” (Femme)



 I was surprised to hear him say that since he had always demanded money as a reward.



“What do you want?”


“I want you to make us your vassals.” (Femme)




“I’ve never wanted to be a mercenary, it’s too unstable. But I inherited it from my predecessor, so I’ve been doing it for a while, but I’ve been thinking that if there’s someone I can serve, I’ll serve him instead. Tada!” (Femme)


“You want to be my vassal?”


“Oh. you can perceive the abilities of others, to persuade someone because you have something tangible. I want to serve as your retainer.” (Femme)



 He’s already someone in a high position, and I’m glad that Shadow will serve me as well.



“Okay, I will accept your service.”


“We have a deal. I’m looking forward to working with you for a long time. That is if we succeed.”



 With that, he left the ominous parting words behind and went to help Clan-sama. 

T/N: The chapters are short but a lot of things are already happening. 

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