Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 129: Surprise

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~Clan’s Perspective~

~3rd Person Perspective~


 Clan has been waiting for Lemail’s army to proceed with the plan to capture Starts Castle.


 In one more day, they would launch an all-out attack on Starts Castle.


 Clan was convinced that if Lemail’s army worked as planned, he would be able to successfully rule the enemy’s castle.



(… I have one thing on my mind.) (Clan)



 Not long ago, a unit with a large catalyst engine left the enemy castle and headed for Mount Torai, away from the battlefield.


 No matter how much I think about it, I couldn’t think of any reason for the enemy to deploy troops on Mount Torai.


 From there, magic can never reach our camp.


 However, since Thomas is the enemy general, there is a possibility that it is part of some scheme.


 It’s very unpleasant, but I couldn’t act carelessly without knowing what he’d do, I could only observe for now.



“I’m sorry, Clan-sama ……, but I have to yet to understand what the enemy’s plan is…” (Robinson)



 Robinson, my right-hand, said regretfully.



“Don’t blame yourself, Robinson. This might not even be part of the enemy’s schemes.” (Clan)



 As far as Clan was concerned, since the enemy’s plan was not fully understood, he was hoping that it was just an action due to an enemy mishap, and not something that they planned.


 Then, suddenly he heard the sound of rain.


 It’s not just rain, it’s quite the deluge.



“Is it raining? The weather was fair a while ago…” (Robinson)


“That’s unusual……” (Clan)



 It’s unusual, but not impossible, that it rains suddenly even though it was sunny.


 However, my heart is filled with anxiety.






 A mage rushed towards my tent.


 He seems to be in quite a hurry.



“What happened?” (Clan)


“This rain is magical! Probably due to the large catalyst engine on Mount Torai!” (Mage)


“Water magic? It is said that water magic ores can be extracted in Beltud…… But what is their aim…” (Clan)


“It’s a surprise attack! It’s the only possible reason!” (Robinson)



 Robinson shouted.



“We need to get our men ready for battle now…… But it’s hard to send orders in this rain…… Magicians! Use your sound magic!” (Clan)


“Understood!” (Mage)



 Just as the mages are preparing,



“Ahh! Waaa!” (Soldier)


“Enemy attack!!” (Soldier)



 The angry voices of the soldiers filled the air.



“Oh no!” (Clan)



 Before I could give the order, we were ambushed.


 This would confuse the soldiers and make it difficult for them to follow my orders.



 From his own experience, Clan recognized that they were in a very difficult situation.



“The target is your life, Master Clan! Please get out of here!” (Robinson)



 I knew that, but the enemy would not let us escape so easily.


 They must be planning a surprise attack while successfully blocking our escape route.


 The rain has made it difficult for us to notice their approach and it has also reduced our ability to act.

 If we made a poor move now, there was a high possibility that we would be defeated.


 At any rate, I called out to the soldiers who were within earshot and fortified my perimeter. In this state, he intended to hold out until reinforcements came rushing in. I kept ordering my magic soldiers to stay calm and run to my position.


 However, the enemy soldiers were more agile than he had expected, and they had already reached Clan’s tent.


 The quality of his soldiers is quite high. Of course, there are only elite soldiers around Clan, but they are being pushed back.


 Finally, a soldier comes slashing at Clan.


 He managed to respond with his own sword and slashed back.


 This time several soldiers come out at the same time and came for Clan’s neck.


 He tried to deal with it, but they were all skilled soldiers, not just a few small fries.


 Three were killed, but the other one swung is swinging his sword towards Clan’s neck.



(I can’t avoid it! Will I die here!? In a place like this!) (Clan)



 I was prepared to die, but on the way, something pierced into the neck of the soldier who was trying to kill me, and a large amount of blood squirted, and the soldier died.


 Someone seems to have thrown a knife.



 I was amazed at who threw the knife, I found Femme, someone who looked quite young.


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