Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 13: Show off your talent

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We were planning on staying for about two days, but we were returning early back to the mansion because we were able to find a mage early.

Riding a horse with three people is possible only because I was still just a child and Charlotte is small.

However, when there are three people are riding, a horse can’t run at full speed, so the travel speed is slower.

“I had such a talent… Heaven doesn’t usually gift people twice, but I had two.” (Charlotte)

Suddenly Charlotte muttered such a thing.

“What is the other one?” (Ars)

“My face” (Charlotte)

“……So that’s it” (Ars)

This child seems to have unusually high self-esteem when it comes to her face.

She’s not wrong, so I can’t say anything.

“By the way, how did you find out that I had magical talent?” (Charlotte)

“I can tell at a glance what kind of talent another person has.” (Ars)

“Oh” (Charlotte)

The way she replied confused me whether she was impressed or not.

Charlotte has a clumsy personality, but he does not know what her true personality is like.

My father told me, it is necessary not only to look for talent but also to handle the said talents properly.

Therefore, it is necessary to know the personality of the person who is about to be a vassal properly.

I decided to ask why Charlotte became a slave.

“Why did Charlotte become a slave?” (Ars)

“… Some circumstances are full of tears whether you hear or speak to other slaves.” (Charlotte)

She became a slave, so she lived a sad life. Maybe she didn’t want to talk, I was about to speak, but she continued.

“I grew up in the slum where I didn’t know either of my parents’ faces.” (Charlotte)

Such a heavy atmosphere even from the start.

So I wonder if she’s been sold or something like that.

“I didn’t have terrible days in the slums on a daily basis… I was even one of the leaders of the slums back then.”

(It was different.)

Being the boss? Well, when I was young, there wasn’t much disparity between men and women, and because I had a high degree of leadership, it wouldn’t be strange for me to become a leader.

“But the lord was a terrible person, he taxed people so he can live lavishly and then he got sick. I had run out of food, hungry, and about to starve to death. So I entered his place and tried to steal food. Normally I would be executed, but I was sold as a slave because I had a good face and could be sold higher.” (Charlotte)

The reason was for self-profit.

If the lord was really bad and she would have died if she didn’t steal, then it might be unavoidable.

“Are you crying?” (Charlotte)

“No, I’m not crying… You told me it’s a sob story, but you didn’t even cry.” (Ars)

“Yes, you’re right.” (Charlotte)

Even as she pointed out that, she acted as if it was nothing.

I talked to her, but I still have no idea of her personality. I knew how she became a slave, but I couldn’t grasp her personality.

After that, we rode peacefully on horseback for several hours, until we arrived at the mansion.

We arrived at the mansion in the evening.

I hurried to my father and asked him to have her serve as a vassal.

“Not possible” (Raven)

I got the expected answer.

“What are you saying? A woman becomes a magician. A man protects a woman, especially not during a battle.” (Raven)

“My father please reconsider; she was brought her because her magical talent is outstanding.” (Ars)

My father looks at me with a stern look.

“It’s true, what Ars-sama said Raven-sama. She has the magical power of Ikkitousen.”

Ritsu defends me.

Our expression was desperate,

“Okay, let’s have her show that ability once. If it is as you say that she has tremendous talent, I will have her serve as a vassal as a mage.”

My father finally broke.

After that, the test will be performed again in an open field.

Having Charlotte use her magic within the training grounds is very dangerous. So we have to look for another large open space.

Originally the place was a vegetable, but it is not used now and there was a region full of weeds, so I put a wooden box there as a target.

It seems that rumors about Charlotte being tested were being spread and a lot of soldiers were visiting.

“that woman wants to be a mage?” “It seems like young master’s suggestion.” “What’s wrong this time?” “Can a woman even use magic?” “She has a good face, so he wants her to be her future bride.” “Don’t say that idiot, the boy is still four years old.”

I am hearing various things.

Once you see Charlotte’s magic, you’ll be silenced, so don’t worry.

“Let’s get started” (Raven)

With his father’s words, Charlotte begins preparing to use magic. The chanting method is easy, so you can learn it just by seeing it once.

Then, with the palm of her left hand facing the wooden box, she cast a spell and fired a fireball.

The fireball flies straight toward the box and hits.

There was a slightly bigger explosion than when I first saw her use magic.

Only with one practice, Charlotte’s magic has already grown. I’m afraid of what happens next if she starts practicing in earnest.

The soldiers watching were stunned when they saw the situation. Their eyes bulged and sweat is flowing from their face.

Even my father, who is rarely surprised, has his jaw drop in this situation.

For a while, silence filled the field.


“…OK. Let’s use her as a magician.” (Raven)

Father was so shocked as he said it.

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