Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 130: Crisis Averted

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~Clan’s Perspective~

~3rd Person Perspective~


 Femme managed to protect me from that ambush attack.


 The other soldiers are soon cut down to size.


 I was astonished to see someone who looked like a normal girl slay her enemies so easily.


 But I can’t stay continuously be surprised.


 So I raised my sword and continued to kill the approaching soldiers.


 While Femme and I conspicuously defeat the enemy, Ben also steadily defeats the enemy. Although he seemed plain, Ben had quite the ability.


 The surrounding area had turned into a melee.


 Clan, Fam, and Ben were now back to back.


“I’ve seen you before. You must be the maid who worked for Ars.” (Clan)



 I had only glanced at her, but she looked familiar to me.



“……… I’m Shadow. I’ve come to help you at Ars’ request.” (Femme)



 Femme said, calmly slashing down the incoming enemies.



“I’ve heard a lot about you from Ars. I’m sorry you had to come, but can you get us past this predicament……? There are too many enemies.” (Clan)



 Thomas’s soldiers were so well organized that they took advantage of the confusion and attacked Clan’s location at once.


 No matter how elite they were, Clan’s entourage would still be difficult to deal with.



“It’s okay. I have a plan. It’s about time…” (Femme)


“About time……?” (Clan)



 As Clan was wondering, their surroundings suddenly went dark, as if it were night time.


 The battlefield was filled with confused voices.


 At the same time, the sound of swords clashing and the shouts of the enemy as they cut into the enemy became inaudible.


 The battlefield was full of warriors, but none of them had ever experienced a battlefield where day and was suddenly enveloped in darkness, so they paused their fighting.



 Fam puts her mouth close to my confused ears,



“Don’t panic. We only have a few minutes.” (Femme)



 He said this in a way only I can hear.


 Femme then grabbed my hand and ran off from the battlefield.


 After that, as if they could see in the near-darkness, Femme and Ben moved around and escaped from the battlefield without anyone noticing.


 After escaping, we moved away from the battlefield as fast as we could.



“What was that?” (Clan)


“It’s a form of shadow magic. I didn’t want to use it too much because shadow magic’s magical water is so precious, but that used up all of it. I’ll be out of business for a while.” (Femme)


“I’ll reward you later. Thank you for your help. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” (Clan)


“The reward will come from my employer, ……, but I’ll take what you’ll give me.” (Femme)



 We went a little higher and watched the battlefield from a distance.


 A few minutes later, the magic wore off, just as Femme had said.


 After the effect wore off, not from where we were standing, but from the battlefield, “We found Clan!” A voice, amplified by sound magic, rang out from the battlefield.



“Is that also part of your plan?” (Clan)


“Just in case.” (Femme)



 Because of the distraction of shadow magic and sound magic, the enemy soldiers lost control and began to be pushed back.


 They may have sensed the worsening situation and withdrew easily.



“They should pull back. I hope Robinson and the others are safe…… In the meantime, I must return immediately and let the soldiers know that I am safe.” (Clan)



 Thomas himself had likely led the surprise attack earlier. That’s how well coordinated the soldiers were.


 In other words, there would be no Thomas in Starts Castle now. 


 Now would be a good time to invade Starts Castle.


 I have to quickly take control of my confused troops and give the order to attack Starts Castle as soon as possible.


 If I didn’t show myself, my allies wouldn’t be able to rally around me, so I hurried back to my own camp.


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