Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 131: Beginning of the Battle

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~Clan’s Perspective~

~3rd Person Perspective~


“Clan-sama! Are you uninjured?” (Robinson)



 Back at the main camp, Robinson greeted me.


 The darkness had already disappeared and the rain had stopped.



“Robinson, were you safe too?” (Clan)


“Yes, sir. I am glad you are all right, sir. I was able to gather the troops and drive the enemy away.” (Robinson)


“You managed to gather the troops together? Robinson, you are dependable as always.” (Clan)


“What a waste of words. So, were you the one that helps Clan-sama?” (Robinson)




 Ben was near me, but Femme was not.



“There is another one… but I guess he does not want to attract too much attention. He is a spy.” (Ben)


“Spy… Is it the Shadow Master that Ars was talking about?” (Robinson)


“Yes, that is right. He is done a really good job.” (Clan)


“You really have helped us many times.” (Robinson)


“That is right. He has a good vassal.” (Clan)



 Clan praised Ars, who noticed the surprise attack and sent Ben and Femme.



“Now, I really miss my timing. Now I will have to regroup the army and start marching towards Starts Castle.” (Clan)


“Right now? The soldiers are very upset because they have just been ambushed.” (Robinson)


“It is because we have just been ambushed. The one leading them was probably Thomas. He is out of the castle at the moment and until he returns, he cannot lead the defense of Starts Castle. Without Thomas, the enemy will not be able to move as flexibly, and Lemail’s surprise attack will have a higher chance of succeeding.” (Clan)


“I see … but how do we raise the morale of the soldiers?” (Robinson)


“That can be easily done.” (Clan)



 Clan summoned a mage to use Hyper Voice.


 He then made his own voice louder and forceful to hammer in his survival.


 He declared in an imposingly that the enemy had failed horribly and said that now was the best opportunity to bring down Starts Castle.


 Clan knew very well that when the troops were demoralized, the most effective way was for the commander himself to speak aloud and proud.


 Knowing that Clan was safe and being told that now was the time to charge, the soldiers’ morale rose sky-high.



“Okay, then give the whole army a signal to march using sound magic.” (Clan)


“Yes sir!” (Mage)



 A mage following my instructions and he used sound magic to signal the troops all over the camp


 The decisive battle for the capture of Starts Castle was about to begin.




~Ars’ Perspective~


“Clan-sama’s life was saved. Immediately after that, he ordered his troops to advance towards Starts Castle.” (Femme)



 I am pretty relieved that Femme and Ben have reported their success.


 If Clan-sama died here, it will be a fatal blow.



“Well done.”


“Keep your promise.” (Femme)


“I will definitely protect you as your lord. You are my vassals starting from today.”


“Thank you.” (Femme)



 To be honest, I was grateful to have Shadow as my vassals, so I did not feel like I rewarding them.



“I will introduce you to the others next time. We have become your vassals. But I am sure you have other things to do right now, so we will see you later.” (Femme)


“All right.”



 Femme and Ben were the only members of Shadow that I currently knew.


 I was quite interested in them because I did not know how many others there were, but as Femme said, now is not the time.


 It seems that Clan-sama launched an attack to capture Starts Castle.


 He moves quite fast.


 Anyway, I have to report to Lemail-sama so we can also launch our attack.


 I immediately reported to Lemail-sama.



“Clan-sama, he really takes action quickly.” (Lemail)


“Thomas led his own troops while he made the surprise attack. It certainly makes sense to invade as soon as possible.” (Mireille)



 Mireille appreciated the speed of Clan-sama’s actions.



“If Clan-sama has invaded, then we will make a surprise attack on Starts Castle as planned. Make your preparations immediately.” (Lemail)



 At Lemail’s command, we began our preparations and start our invasion of Starts Castle.


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