Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 132: Starts Castle Strategy ①

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 We march towards the northwest wall of Starts Castle.


 Advance as fast as possible, while being careful to not be noticed by the enemy.


 We arrived at the target without being noticed by the enemy.


 As we had heard from the report, the northwest side of the castle is on a slope, and it would take a long time to charge in even if the walls were broken down.


 At present, the main army of the castle seemed to be engaged in a siege battle at the main gate, and it was getting quite noisy.


 This would probably keep the enemy glued to the main gate, but even taking this into account, I could not be sure that the surprise attack would succeed.



“Well, it looks like the main army has already started fighting. We need to break through the walls and enter the castle as soon as possible.” (Lemail)



 Lemail said so and urged the mages to begin chanting.



 A large catalyst engine is used to cast advanced magic.


 There were only three large catalytic engines in Rolt Castle, so we brought them all. All of them were filled with ether beforehand and lined up side by side.


 Since there is not much ether of explosion, only those who are the best at using magic will use them.


 The one who is the best at magic in this squad is naturally Charlotte.


 Charlotte operated the large catalyst engine filled with the ether of explosion, chanted the spell, and used explosion magic.


 Before it could hit the castle wall, an invisible wall blocked it. It was the defensive magic.


 It did not crumble with just one blast.


 As expected, the defense of Starts Castle is quite solid.



“Muu… Next!” (Charlotte)



 Charlotte seems to be dissatisfied with the fact that she did not destroy it with a single spell.


 Since Charlotte used spells that could empty the ether of a large catalyst engine in one cast, she used the next catalyst engine to cast her next spell.


 The other soldiers filled the first catalyst engine with ether in case it did not break after three spells.


 Charlotte used the second shot.


 It still does not break.


 After two shots, the enemy army would have already noticed the surprise attack.


 We have to destroy it quickly.


 Then after the third shot.


 The defensive magic is finally broken and the wall is cracked.



“Okay, one more shot!” (Charlotte)



 Charlotte hurriedly fired another shot and succeeded in destroying the walls of Starts Castle.



“Now, Metro Mercenary, take the lead!” (Lemail)


“Roger that!” (Cramant)



 After the walls broke, the first invasion of the castle was to be led by the Metro Mercenary.


 The front line is an important role but the risk is high.


 At first, I thought the mercenary company would not accept, but Cramant easily nodded his head when Lemail-sama asked them.


 Apparently, the money received from Clan-sama as a reward was quite large. During the contract period, it seems that every command will be executed to the letter.


 Cramant gathered his mercenaries and ran up the slope to the place where the walls collapsed.


 Apparently, the enemy soldiers are rushing to the collapsed walls, but perhaps because of the unexpected attack, they have not been able to move the rocks or set up magical traps.



 Cramant, who boasts master-class strength, is leading the charge, followed by the rest of the group, trampling and scattering the enemy soldiers.



“Let us follow!” (Lemail)



 Seeing that we have the upper hand, Lemail-sama commanded us to charge in.


 This time, Lemail and I are behind the army, but we are planning to enter the castle in the end.


 It is dangerous to stay outside because the whole army has charged in, so we have to go with them.


 Even if I am not capable at present, I have to raise my sword and fight with it. To be honest, I am not very strong, so I do not think I can fight properly unless I am up against very weak soldiers.


 I thought I should have stayed at Rolt Castle, but now that I was here, it was too late.


 Russell next to me was trembling slightly; maybe he was thinking the same thing.


 The battle seemed to be going in our favor, thanks to Cramant, and more and more soldiers were entering the castle.


 After Cramant, the soldiers led by Ritsu, and then the soldiers led by Mireille, rush in with the more capable troops moving in first.


 Cramant’s group was responsible for opening the main gate after entering the front line, and Ritsu and Mireille’s squad are responsible for eliminating the mages.


 Although it was a very large castle, we also brought quite a few soldiers with us. On top of that, there are squads led by Cramant, Ritsu, and Mireille, so they will be more than capable.



 I knew that the success rate was going to be high when Cramant easily succeeded in his charge.


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