Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 133: Starts Castle Strategy Battle ②

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~3rd Person Perspective~


 Ritsu and Mireille led a corps to break into the walls and attempted to eliminate the mages.


 The effect of mages in defensive battles is significant.


 They are responsible for using defensive magic to protect the walls, activating large-scale traps in the castle, activating large-scale offensive magic, and many other tasks.


 It was necessary to eliminate them as soon as possible.



“Magical soldiers with important tasks are in places where they cannot be easily found. It is not easy to find them. Asking the enemy is probably the quickest way” (Mireille)


“… Do you mean torture?” (Ritsu)


“Do you hate it?” (Mireille)


“No, not really, but I wonder if there is someone who would talk.” (Ritsu)


“I do not know. Well, everyone is afraid of pain, and there is always someone who cannot stand fear. It is hard to say if he knows the information or not though.” (Mireille)


“The only way to find out is to get someone who might know. …… We need to it as soon as possible, but can we do it in time?” (Ritsu)


“We just have to get it done in time.” (Mireille)



 Ritsu and Mireille took action because there is no other way.



“Let us split into two groups. I will go on the right side and you on the left side.” (Mireille)


“Got it.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu and Mireille split into two and began looking for someone who might have the information they want.



~Ritsu’s Perspective~

~3rd Person Perspective~




 Starts Castle is a walled city. The castle towering at the center, and around it are the houses where the citizens lived.


 This time, all the residents seemed to be confined to their homes in preparation for the attack. There was no one walking down the streets anywhere.


 As Ritsu walked through the town, he wondered how he could find someone with the information.



(I am not going to find anyone if I look around blindly. I know the enemy has a large army, so… I will surprise the troops waiting around the town and talk to their captain.) (Ritsu)



 More than half of the enemy troops are guarding the gates outside of Start’s Castle, and if the walls are breached, they have troops right behind the main gates ready to respond. They also have to devote more troops to the defense of the castle itself.


 In addition to that, they must have some troops around town to prepare for a surprise attack like the one we just did.


 However, Ritsu expected that there were not many capable soldiers, since they would not expect a surprise attack.


 As evidence, they allowed Cramant to break through easily.


 Ritsu led his soldiers and walked through the town looking for enemies.


 He walked with sufficient caution, trying to avoid being spotted by the enemy first. Since the enemy had the advantage of the land, he could not walk carelessly.


 As we walked, we spotted the enemy first.


 I could see that they were in a panic because the enemy had invaded. No matter how I look at it, they are not very experienced soldiers.


 We were right behind them.


 Seeing the opportunity, I instructed my soldiers to charge.


 When they were attacked, they finally realized that my men and I were attacking.



“Enemy attack!” (Enemy Captain)



 The captain who was leading the troops was not very capable, and the troops were easily destroyed.


 I easily captured the captain.



(Well, I am not good at this, but I have to do it.) (Ritsu)



“Oh, I am not going to say a word! It would be a dishonor to betray my lord!”



 He said that, but it was clear that he was trembling.



“There must be some facilities in this castle that are run by important magic soldiers. Tell me about them.” (Ritsu)


“I do not know… I do not know! I do not remember anything!” (Enemy Captain)


“If you do not tell me … You will really get hurt.” (Ritsu)


“Wait, I really do not know! I am not very bright! I do not remember things very well!” (Enemy Captain)



 I honestly thought he was not lying.


 I am not sure, but it is bad to spend too much time with such people.


 I believed in my intuition and decided to stop interrogating him and attacked other enemy squads.


 I left the captured captain tied up and looked for another place.


 This time, I was taken by surprise flank attack.


 I promptly send instructions and calmed my soldiers.


 I cut down the enemy soldiers who were coming towards me one after the other.


 However, the enemy this time was quite formidable.


 Even I had not expected to see soldiers of this caliber in this place. I was forced to fight a hard battle.





“You guys, that is enough!” (Voice)



 Loudly echoes.


 After a while, a boy with muscular but short stature appeared.


 He has a spear and has a scar on his cheek.


 He was still young, around fifteen-years-old



“You look strong. Let us fight one-on-one. If you win, I will do whatever you say.” (Stocky Boy)



 The boy suddenly said that to me.


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