Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 135: Starts Castle Strategy ④

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~Ritsu’s Perspective~

~3rd Person Perspective~


 The duel has begun.


 Braham straightforwardly closed the distance and thrust with his spear without any feints mixed in.


 Nevertheless, the speed was faster than I expected, but the moves were too simple, so I avoided it without difficulty.


 However, after evading it once, the second and third thrusts came soon after.


 I was too busy avoiding the thrusts and I could not fight back.


 The spears grazed my cheeks and arms, causing blood to flow.


 Braham is aiming for a gap in my defense.


 He had told me that we will not be aiming for killing each other, but he seemed to have forgotten that or was just ready to kill me. To subdue an opponent without killing them, you would normally use a method such as disarming the enemy.

 I am at a disadvantage, so I thought that I needed to get out of his range anyway, so I took a big step back.


 Braham closed the distance and still tried to stab me.


 Therefore, I swung the halberd with all my might and tried to knock off his spear.


 Perhaps Braham instinctively felt that he should not take my attack, he stepped back without receiving it with his spear.


 I saw it as a chance to go on the offensive and immediately swung my halberd.


 To increase the number of slashes, the power behind the halberd was lowered a little, but Braham responded by catching it with his spear.


 However, even though it is weakened, each swing is still heavy, and each time it is received, a strong numbness runs in his arm, and it is not possible to turn to a counterattack.


 Ritsu wanted to topple him down, but Braham used his high physical ability to dodge the attacks and thrust at Ritsu’s head.


 Ritsu managed to evade the thrust by moving his upper body. He then quickly retreated to get some distance.



“Aren’t you quite as strong as I expected? It is getting more and more fun.” (Braham)



 Braham smiles like an innocent child.


 I think he is a dangerous guy because I have never had the feeling that cutting each other is fun.



“Well, here is a big one!” (Braham)



 Braham, who shouted with excitement, retreated behind and before running forward.


 He jumped on the way. He is flying so high that it is hard to believe he is a real human being.


 As it was, he pointed his spear at the Ritsu below and went with an all-out thrust.



“Dragon Spear!”



 He shouted the name of the technique.


 It is a flashy technique, and when it hits, it is certainly powerful enough to pierce shields and armor easily, but it is only moving at a straight line, so it is easy to avoid.


 I quickly dodged to the side.


 It is just a straight attack.



“No, do not move! Hey! It is cowardly to avoid that attack!” (Braham)


“No, no… You usually avoid such attacks.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu is amazed at how much of an airhead Braham is.



“Anyway, I won.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu points his halberd at Braham’s neck.



“I am sure you will be happy with the way you have… won. I am not sure if I would be able to do that if I were you.” (Braham)



 Braham glares at me as if I lured him into a sneaky trap.



“You just blew yourself up…” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu was even more amazed.



“You promised me, so I will let you tell me the information. You are not going to tell me you are going to break it, are you? That would be cowardly.” (Ritsu)


“Gu …” (Braham)



 Braham bites his lip, a look of regret on his face.


 He thought about it and told Ritsu all the places where there were important magical facilities that he knew.


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