Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 136: Starts Castle Strategy Battle ⑤

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~Mireille’s Perspective~

~3rd Person Perspective~



 While Ritsu was getting information, Mireille was also trying to get information herself.


 In the same way, she raided weaker enemy troops within the city and succeeded in capturing the captain who was leading the troops.



“Now, let us hear what you have to say, shall we? I want to ask you about the magical facilities at Starts Castle.” (Mireille)


“You are not going to make me talk! I will never talk!” (Enemy Captain)



 Mireille thought that the enemy captain was young, in his early twenties, and that it was possible that he did not know about it, but from the looks of him, he seemed to know about it, so she was lucky.



“I am strong, and your body is trembling. I am sorry. However, this is a battle, so I will not show any mercy. Do not resent me.” (Mireille)


“Uh…!” (Enemy Captain)



 I smiled and begin to start the interrogation.


 When I tried to do a basic method of torture by pulling out the nails first,



“No, stop! Talk! I will talk!” (Enemy Captain)



 He gave up easily.



“What? You are giving up. It is nice and easy, but you are pathetic.” (Mireille)


“Guu…” (Enemy Captain)


“Then, please guide me immediately. To the place where the nearest important magic facility is located.” (Mireille)



 The man nodded helplessly.


 I tied the man up and let him guide me.




~Cramant’s Perspective~

~3rd Person Perspective~


 Cramant, who was the first to enter the castle, first checked the location of the main gate to fulfill his mission of opening it from the inside.


 Since even civilians knew where it was, he asked those who had taken refuge inside the houses.


 After that, he had his people scout the area around the main gate to see what the current situation was.


 It turned out that it was going to be difficult to open the main gate.



“Enemy soldiers are gathering near the main gate. It would be difficult to break through.” (Mercenary)



 Currently, Clan is in a siege battle to break through the main gate, so enemy soldiers are gathering near the main gate.


 I thought that in the current situation, it would be very difficult to open the main gate, even if we do a surprise attack, after hearing the scouts’ report.



“We should not do anything we cannot do, but … if we do not do anything, the name of the Metro Mercenary Company will be tarnished.” (Cramant)



 Thinking about what to do.


 A tall tower popped into Cramant’s view.


 There were two tall towers in Starts Castle. It seems that magic is emanating from the top. It seems that they are attacking the main army with explosion magic.



“That tower probably has a lot of ether of explosion stored in it … Hmm, why do not we use that?” (Cramant)



 Cramant decided that he would occupy the tower first, and then use explosion magic to destroy the main gate and the surrounding castle walls.


 The defensive magic would most likely not be able to handle an attack from inside the castle. If it did, I would have to wait for Ritsu and Mireille to disarm it.


 There are two towers, and if I conquer only one, I risk being shot by explosion magic and being knocked down by the other tower.


 Cramant split his forces into two and decided to capture them at the same time.



“Ride. You should capture the tower in the back.” (Cramant)


“Understood.” (Ride)



 I ordered Ride my second-in-command to do so and immediately started to capture both towers.


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