Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 137: Starts Castle Strategy Battle ⑥

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We all finished charging into the castle. Inside the castle, the bodies of enemy soldiers were lying everywhere. Even though I am used to seeing them, there is no way I can feel good about seeing dead bodies.

I was beginning to feel scared that this might happen to me, but I could not just stand and tremble.

As I entered the castle, I received a report from Ritsu, Mireille, and Cramant, who had entered earlier.

Apparently, things were going well.

The Metro mercenaries were the only ones who were not able to complete their goal. They could not open the main gate easily, so they seemed to be making a move of occupying the tower.

That might be more effective than just opening the main gate.

If we go on like this, we will be able to destroy the castle’s magical defenses and occupy the tower, which will be a great advantage, but the enemy is not silently lying down.

“The enemy seems to be moving the soldiers who were guarding the castle to where the lord is to deal with them.”

That is what they reported to me when I asked them to check on the enemy.

The soldiers fighting at the main gate seemed to be unable to move because Clan-sama’s army was attacking quite fiercely.

They must have decided that they could move the castle guards, which had not yet been plunged into a battlefield. It seems that they have not moved their entire army.

To be honest, the response was slow. I wondered if Thomas’ absence had delayed their immediate response.

“The reinforcements seem to be trying to stop the Metro mercenaries from capturing the towers.”

Naturally. From the enemy’s point of view, if that tower is taken, it will be a great disadvantage.

After hearing all the information, Russell voices his opinion on Lemail-sama.

“Let us go here to support the Metro mercenaries. We should stop the enemy soldiers who are heading towards the Metro mercenaries.” (Russell)

“I think we should do that. If we can take over the tower, we will definitely have an advantage. Alright, let us hurry up and head there!” (Lemail)

Lemail-sama immediately adopted Russell’s opinion.

We rushed through the city to stop the enemy reinforcements.

The tower is quite tall, so we know where to go, but since this our first time at Starts Castle, we do not know what route to take to get there quickly.

Therefore, it took quite some time.

On the contrary, the enemy arrived earlier than we did because they knew the way to the tower.

We thought we might not have made it in time, but the Metro mercenaries were fighting the enemy soldiers in front of the tower. We made it just in time.


“Yes, yes” (Charlotte)

Charlotte was with me.

Since large catalyst engines could not be carried into the castle, the ones they had now were the smaller models, but it was enough.

Dozens of mages, including Charlotte, unleashed magic on the enemy simultaneously.

As the enemy was caught off guard, they were unable to respond and began to lose control of the situation.

“Charge!” (Lemail)

In that state, Lemail-sama issues a command for the infantry to charge.

Thought it would be easy to win with these disorganized soldiers, but as they were originally entrusted with the protection of the most important places, they were all capable.

We are starting to get pushed back.

I thought it was a bad idea, but the other side had to deal with the Metro mercenaries as well, so it was like a pincer movement. If they were too preoccupied with us, they would not be able to fully respond to the attacks of the superior Metro mercenaries.

The situation had become so difficult that even the best of the best would not be able to overcome it, and the number of enemy soldiers kept dwindling.

Even so, the enemy did not flee and fought to the last. We finally succeeded in taking out all the enemy soldiers.



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