Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 138: Starts Castle Strategy Battle ⑦

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 We won the battle against the enemy reinforcements in the tower.


 It took me by surprise, so I am glad it was settled easily.


 To be honest, I am feeling quite scared since I am on the battlefield. I hope this will end without any problems.



“Thanks for the reinforcements.” (Cramant)



 Cramant thanked us. Apparently, they were in a dangerous situation.




“We need to take over this tower before more reinforcements arrive, but there are magical traps that prevent us from easily climbing to the top. There is a guy in the mercenary group who’s good at solving traps, but he is not here right now because he is part of the team that is attacking the other tower.” (Cramant)



 Those who are good at disarming traps are the members of Shadow, Femme, and Ben.



 Femme and Ben were following me, but since Femme had acted so conspicuously when he helped Clan-sama, he thought it would be a bad idea to fight in the frontline, so he was fighting inconspicuously from a distance, using his bow and magic to support the army.


 Ben was fighting among the soldiers as usual. He is so unassuming that it is hard for others to remember him when he is actively fighting. It is a scarier skill than I thought.


 It is all about asking Femme to keep it inconspicuous, so let us ask Ben.



“I know someone good at solving traps, so let us leave it to that person.”



 I called Ben and ordered him to clear the trap in the tower.


 After silently nodding, Ben enters the tower.


 After waiting a few minutes, he came back.



“Mission accomplished.” (Ben)



 It seems that it ended earlier than I expected.



“It looks like it is over”


“You are early. Okay, we are going to enter the tower. You guys take care of the outer defenses. Also, you should send reinforcements to the other tower just in case.” (Cramant)



 That was all Cramant said, and then he took control of the tower.


 We split the soldiers into two and send them to the other tower.


 Then, he strengthened his defenses so that he could respond even if enemy reinforcements came.


 After a while, it seems that taking over the tower has ended.


 As long as the traps were disarmed, the control of the tower seemed to be a piece of cake, since there were only a few magic soldiers in the tower.


 Just when the suppression was over, Ritsu and Mireille reported that they had succeeded in removing the mages who were using defensive magic.


 It seems that the walls near the main gate are no longer covered by defensive magic.



“This will allow us to destroy the walls with magic, but I think it would be better to leave the use of… magic to Charlotte.” (Lemail)



 That is what Lemail-sama suggested.



“That is right. There is no other mage more talented than Charlotte in the Metro Mercenary Company.”



 Not long ago, I saw the best mages in the Metro Mercenary Company using appraisal, but their status was far from Charlotte’s.


 Lemail-sama instructed Cramant not to use magic until then, as Charlotte will be the one to cast it.


 To see how the walls were breaking down, Lemail-sama, Russell, and I climbed up the tower together.


 It was a tall tower, so I was able to climb it after quite a bit of effort, but I managed to climb it up.


 At the top of the tower was an unusual catalyst engine.


 It is usually a sphere, but this one has a tubular shape.



“The magician who had been using it just now is nowhere to be found. What happened to the mage using this earlier?” (Charlotte)


“I killed him.” (Cramant)


“What a waste. Mages are valuable, so next time if you do not have to kill them, and you should not.” (Charlotte)



 Charlotte complains to Cramant. It seems that Cramant could not argue because she said something that has quite some truth.


 Charlotte is preparing to use her magic. Nevertheless, with an unsure look on her face.



“Hmmm… is this it? We might end up flying to some crazy place” (Charlotte)




 She said something quite disturbing.




“Well, wait, if you are not confident, you should not use it …”


“Well, let us do it anyway.” (Charlotte)




 She starts casting spells with a casual shrug. I tried to stop her, but once she started casting the spell, Charlotte was so focused that she did not listen to anyone at all.



 I was so worried that this tower would blow away if she was not good at it, and I crouched involuntarily.


 After a while, I heard a roaring sound from a distance.



“Oh, I succeeded.” (Charlotte)



 Hearing Charlotte’s words and I get up to see the walls.


 Certainly, it hit the wall.


 Moreover, it seems that the wall was broken and a hole was made with just a single spell.


 Although it is not covered by defensive magic, it is a castle wall that is resistant to magic, but Charlotte’s magic was so powerful that it was destroyed with a single shot.



“Okay, again.” (Charlotte)



 Then she shot many spells and made multiple holes along the wall.



“Wait, that is too much. That is enough holes.”



 If we destroy too much, it will be difficult to repair, so we opened some holes and stopped. This much was enough.


 It was a slightly different method than what I had initially planned, but in the end, we succeeded in neutralizing the walls of Starts Castle.



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