Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 139: Settlement

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 After breaking down the castle walls, we watched the battle from the top of the tower.


 The battle situation did not tilt in favor of our side in an instant, and the enemy soldiers were highly motivated and desperately tried to stop the invasion of their troops, but the main force gradually succeeded in pushing through and forcing many soldiers into the city by taking advantage of their superior numbers.


 The enemy soldiers decided that this was not a good idea and began to retreat.


 They must have abandoned the defense of the city and decided to defend the castle better.



“Hey, that enemy soldier is retreating, do not we have to attack?” (Charlotte)



 Charlotte said, but the enemy soldiers were in the city.


 If we use explosion magic, it will destroy the town.


 If we blow up the city, the people will hate us and we will not be able to govern well.


 However, if we blow up the city, the people will not like Clan-sama and he will not be able to govern well. If we are not careful, there is a risk that they will start a rebellion and things will go bad.


 It would be nice to reduce the number of enemy soldiers, but even if we did not attack with explosive magic, we would still have a significant advantage, so we should not do it.



“Stop it. You should not destroy the town.”


“We should not destroy the town? I will adjust the power” (Charlotte)


“Can you do it?”


“I do not know. Maybe I can.” (Charlotte)


“Maybe do not use it.”



 That is a dangerous thing to say.



“Now, what should we do? We cannot attack the enemy army with explosive magic, but we should not stay here and do nothing.” (Lemail)




 Lemail-sama said, but Russell disagrees with it.



“We must not leave the tower alone carelessly now, for it would be troublesome if the enemy were to seize it back. The enemy is being hunted down, and they may not mind-blowing up the city. We should continue to defend the tower.” (Russell)



 Lemail-sama seems to be convinced by Russell’s opinion.


 Russell also grew a lot during this battle.


 He was always frightened and hesitant to express his opinions, but recently he has begun to have a little confidence in himself and express his opinions more clearly.


 For a while, as Russell had said, we stood by while fortifying the perimeter of the towers.


 The enemy soldiers attacked trying to retake the tower.


 They gave up and retreated back to the castle when they realized that they were being chased by Clan-sama’s main force and were not able to fight with all their might and could not easily be defeated.


 It seems that it was good to protect the tower as Russell suggested.


 It would definitely have been taken if it were left alone.


 Clan-sama’s main force has reached the tower’s perimeter.


 If this happens, the enemy will not be able to steal the tower even if we do not protect it.


 We got off the tower and joined the main army.


 Clan-sama was not in command on the front line, so we were not able to meet up.


 We will advance to the castle together as it is.


 Perhaps because of Clan-sama, the soldiers were fairly disciplined and no one was ransacking civilian homes.


 After a while, I heard a cry from the enemy army saying “Retreat!”.




 I wonder where they are going to retreat.


 Are you willing to abandon Starts Castle, deciding that you cannot protect it, go out from the North Gate, and go to Beltud?


 Well, it is certainly impossible to protect the castle in this situation, so it may be a realistic decision.


 When we marched near the castle, no soldier was seen defending the castle.


 It seems that they ran away because they decided they could not protect the castle.


 At first, I was a little anxious, but we succeeded in conquering Starts Castle safely.



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