Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 14: A Year After

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A year has passed since Charlotte began to serve the Louvent family as a mage.

Canale County, where Lamberk is located, is within the westernmost part of Messiaen and is located on the border along with the State of Sights. There is currently a territorial dispute frequent skirmishes are occurring. My father has always joined the fights.

Therefore, I had to go to the battle about five times a year.

Charlotte’s success on the battlefield was tremendous. She became an integral part of the Louvent family.

Her bravery rose to 101 in a year. Before she knew it, she became the leader of the mage squad who served the Louvent family, and her command had risen to 73.

With such an elusive personality, it is a mystery how she is leading others.

She seems to have been invited by another family for her gallant behavior. Though it seems they have all been declined.

I don’t know why she refused, but I’m glad and it left me feeling good.

Ritsu was still my educator.

Therefore, it is not possible to make a big name for himself on the battlefield like what Charlotte has done.

I was confident that he had the ability, so I thought that he might be feeling bored because he could not enter the battlefield. It might be just a thought for now, but I thought it was true.

A happy occasion occurred recently.

I got a younger brother and sister, twins.

They were born about two weeks ago. I’m 6 years old now, so I’m a bit different. Well, I still have memories of my previous life, so my mental age is much older than that.

My brother’s name is Claus and Ren is his sister.

I assessed them and looked at their status.



  • status

Command 1/82

Bravery 1/89

Strategy 1/33

Politics 1/21

Ambition 77


Infantry S               Cavalry B                   Archer A

Magic Soldier C    Fortification D           Weapon D

Navy D                   Air Force D                Strategy D

And Ren’s status

  • status

Command 1/22

Bravery 1/21

Strategy 1/91

Politics 1/85

Ambition 33


Infantry D               Cavalry D                  Archery D

Magic Soldier D    Fortification C           Weapon B

Navy C                   Air Force B                Strategy A

 Both of their skill board looks like this.

They are still babies and currently have a status of 1, but both have very good potential.

Although his brother Claus has superior command and bravery, he is almost similar to his father, but he lacks strategy and political talent. Since his infantry aptitude is S, he will be very good at handling swords and spears.

On the contrary, his sister Ren has a high strategy and political power, and low command and bravery. She has the potential to be a military commanding officer with a strategy aptitude of A.

Will twins make you feel like they are making up for the other twin’s shortcomings? However, since a woman born to a noble family is raised to be a bride of another noble family, it may be difficult for Ren to stay in the Louvent family.

Perhaps I should tell my father that Ren is smart enough to learn military strategy.

But is it really for Ren? Then it will be difficult to get married during her lifetime. At the cost of her happiness, it might be the wrong move.

How to decide on what to do depends on what kind of child they grow up to be?

Another concern is the high ambition of Claus. It is around 77.

Those with high ambition are more likely to betray. If they are unsatisfied with the situation even a little, they may stop working or defect to the enemy.

It is quite rare to see a number above 60? An ambition of 70 is a value you seldom see.

It seems that it is necessary to grasp the character of Claus properly and tame him.

“Let’s stop here today” (Ritsu)

Ritsu lowered his sword and said so.

I was trained by Ritsu in the field of warfare.

I had to be able to use deal swords in an emergency, so I decided to learn.

The speed of improvement is slow.

Ritsu and his father are like me a six-year-old so I can understand my lack of development.

I didn’t inherit my martial arts talent from my father.

Well, I don’t want to have the power to defeat an enemy on the battlefield, so I don’t need that talent. You can just leave it to the talented ones.

I refocused while wiping the sweat I during my practice.

“Ars-sama, I have something I want you to hear.” (Ritsu)

“What?” (Ars)

“Recently, it seems that a family of hunters called the Keisha family has moved into the village. And it seems that there are three brothers, the older two are 12 years old and 11 years old they are both tall and powerful, they both seem to have a reputation as great men in the future. Why not go see them once?” (Ritsu)

“Yeah…” (Ars)

In most of these cases, there are many similar cases that have happened before. It is not a big deal.

Even so, if they’re just in a nearby village, it’s better to go to see them.

“Let’s go!” (Ars)

“Understood” (Ritsu)

I decided to go to Lamberk Village with Ritsu.

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