Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 140: After the Victory

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 After the enemy soldiers fled, we examined the castle.


 There is a possibility that a trap has been set up, so Femme and Ben, and those who are good at disarming traps, went into the castle first and investigated, but it seems that no trap was set up.


 Ritsu and Mireille seem to have disabled not only the facilities that activate the defensive magic, but also the facilities that activate trap magic, which may be the reason for the lack of traps.


 The Mayor of Beltud and Thomas were nowhere to be found. They seem to have run away. However, Stephan, the owner of Starts Castle, remained in the castle.


 We gave chase to the fleeing enemy soldiers, but their retreat was so efficient that we barely caught any of them.


 There were still a good number of remnants in the city, but most of them surrendered.


 With this, the Starts Castle was completely conquered and under our control.



“This battle was a great victory! Although our allies suffered some damage, we came much closer to victory with the capture of Starts Castle! Thank you all for your hard work!” (Clan)



 Clan-sama gathered everyone together after the victory and gave them words of praise.


 This battle, unlike the previous ones, seemed to have caused quite a bit of damage to his army.


 Clan-sama’s main army, which had been attacking the main gate, seemed to have taken a lot of damage from the magic attacks.


 In all likelihood, only a few thousand people died, and considering the number of the entire army, the damage was not crippling.



 Clan-sama continued his words.



“But do not let your guard down yet! We destroyed a lot of this castle when we brought down its walls, and now its defenses are severely weakened! Normally, we would have a victory party, but we will have to finish remedying the walls first! Until then, keep your heads up and hold the fort!” (Clan)



 After a victory, we always have a victory party, but not this time.


 Well, that is a reasonable decision.


 If we relax while the castle walls are broken, we might receive surprise attacks. Since we failed in our pursuit and a lot of enemies escaped. The enemy must be watching vigilantly for a chance to ambush us. I am sure they want to get this castle back at all costs.


 If we take precautions against surprise attacks, we will not have to worry about losing. I do not think the other side is going to go for the “do or die” strategy either. [T/N: Ars believes that the enemy is not that desperate to recapture the castle after their defeat.]


 As the clan had said, the first thing to do was to repair the walls while fortifying the defenses. This time, there were so many broken areas that it would not be easy to fix them all.


 We would have to finish patching the defenses before we could go and conquer Beltud, but the time of year when winter was in full, a swing is coming, and there is a good chance that snow would fall and pile up. We would have to wait for winter to pass before we could go anyway, so things would slow down no matter what.


 Then I was called by Clan-sama.



“You have saved me again during this battle. Without the surprise attack, we would not have been able to capture the castle. In addition, Shadow who you hired saved us from a desperate situation. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” (Clan)


“Your words are wasted on me.”



 Clan-sama thanked me and I bowed down as I replied.



“Later, those who have done well, including you, will be rewarded, but that is not what I want this time. I want you to appraise the talent as usual.” (Clan)


“It is a small price to pay.”


“I am afraid you will have to work a little harder this time because of the large number of people you have captured, but I am counting on you.” (Clan)



 Is there a large number of enemies caught?


 Will that be the norm during such fierce battles?


 It is a good idea to use my appraisal skills.


 I have not used it that much lately, but for the first time in a long time, I am going to use it until I am exhausted.



 I was then escorted to the place where the POWs were captured.



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