Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 141: Braham Joe

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 I went to the prison where the POWs were captured and started appraising.


 Depending on the status of the captives, some of the prisons contained only one person, while others contained multiple people.


 The living conditions did not seem to be very good. It was only natural since it was a prison.


 It seems that a large number of people have been taken, prisoner. There must have been well over a hundred of them.


 In addition to the large number of people captured because of the large scale of the battle, many stubborn people swore allegiance to the county mayor of Beltud and the lord of Starts Castle and would never turn to Clan-sama, so it seems to be one of the reasons there were so many prisoners.


 If I appraise all of them, it will be quite exhausting. It may be better to spend a couple of days instead of appraising everyone in one day.



 On the first day, 70 people were appraised.


 There were far more talented people than I expected.


 It is an important battle, so it is probably why the enemy generously deployed their elites.



 On the second day, I appraised ninety people, more than yesterday. On the second day, the talented prisoners have an average status of 80. In addition, there was a warrior who already had 90 in bravery, and a middle-aged man who had a maximum of 94, although his strategy maxed out at 57.


 I would like to have at least one of them as my vassal after appraising them, but at the moment, they do not seem to be interested in serving anyone. They are all in a position where it is doubtful that they will be able to serve you unless you provide them with adequate treatment in the first place, so it will be difficult to get them to serve me, who is currently only the lord of a weak territory.



 There are about 60 people left. I will be done by tomorrow.


 On the third day of appraisal.


 After appraising fifty people, I thought that there were not that many good candidates today, so I tried to appraise the fifty-first person.



“Hey, you! Pipsqueak! Get me out of here!” (Voice)



 I heard a voice shouting.


 I looked for the owner of the voice.


 It is a small man, still quite young.


 The man called me pipsqueak, but he was so small that I wondered how on earth he could call me pipsqueak


 He was only a little bigger than I am now. His face was like that of a delinquent kid, probably still in his teens.


 Why would a child be taken, prisoner? I wondered, but when I saw his body, I was convinced.


 He seems pretty well trained, and if he fights, he will probably be strong.


 I try to appraise the boy.


 Braham Joe – 17 years old – ♂



 Command 50/102

 Bravery 91/92

 Strategy 9/61

 Politics 5/55

 Ambition 88



 Infantry S               Cavalry A                   Archery B

 Magic Soldier D    Fortification C           Weaponry D

 Navy D                   Air Force D                Strategy D




 His status is extreme on both ends.


 Bravery is very good. I am more interested in his Command limit. 102, it is the best I have seen so far.


 However, the currently 9 in Strategy, that is excessively low.


 Will he be okay? Can someone live their daily life properly? It is a level that would make you worry.


 If your strategy is that low, even if his bravery is high, he is probably too stupid to win in a one-on-one fight. [T/N: Hahaha! So true.]


 However, the maximum value is not bad.


 He would land on the average level if he were to study.



 Looking at his current value, the status stands out due to his shortcomings. However, if I look at his maxed out values, he has the potential to become a pretty good general.



 Let us also look at his detailed information.



 Born on March 3, 194 years of the current Imperial era, in Starts, Beltud County, Messiaen Province, Somerforce Empire. Both his father and mother are dead. He has a simple personality, likes meat, and his hobby is fighting. He likes young and strong women. He is dissatisfied with his Lord, Stephan.




 His parents have already passed away and he has no siblings. He is still young and has no relatives.


 In addition, you are dissatisfied with your Lord.


 The only ones here are the ones who refuse to serve. All but the most loyal ones would have easily chosen to serve Clan-sama.



 Why did not pledge your allegiance to Clan-sama?


 If he was the type that does not serve others because his ambition is so high, he would not have served Stephan either.


 I am curious.



“I am not sure what you are staring at. Are you trying to pick a fight? I am willing to accept!” (Braham)



 He glared at me and said words usually uttered by thugs.


 I have been through many battles and I have gained some guts, so I am not upset by this.


 I decided to find out why he did not serve if he was dissatisfied with his Lord.



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