Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 143: Conditions

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“I know the Marcan who you fought.”


“Are you sure? He said his name was Ritsu Muses. I think?” (Braham)


“Oh, there is doubt.”



 It seems Ritsu gave his name. There was a slight possibility that it was someone else, but now I am sure it is he.



“Ritsu is one of my vassals.”


“What? He is your vassal. Well, then, please! Let me have a rematch with him! I cannot accept that this is the end!” (Braham)



 He asked for it from me. I think it will work.



“There are conditions though.”


“What?” (Braham)


“If you lose to the Ritsu, you will serve as a soldier”


“If you lose, I will serve… I do not mind, but if I win, release me.” (Braham)



 Release him if he wins?


 Is that a deal I can live with?


 It is not fair that we do not bet on anything when the other side wants to fight on the condition that he will serve us if he loses.


 However, I cannot decide on my own whether to let him go or not. …… I will have to ask Clan-sama later.



“And one more thing. If I am going to be a vassal, I am going to serve you, not Clan. I do not want to serve an old man.” (Braham)





 That is a good offer if you ask me, but … it is might be a bad offer too. This man seems to have many potentials, but at this point, I have to say he is quite the problem child. I am not sure if I can correct this man, to be honest, I am not that confident.



“I am a child; do you still want to serve me?”


“Well, I would prefer to serve some great person I recognized, but you seem to have an eye for talent, so serving you would not a bad idea. But I am not going to serve you because I am going to win the duel against that Ritsu.” (Braham)



 He seemed confident.


 I do not think Ritsu will be defeated, either.


 It is a big disadvantage to not be able to use your head, no matter how talented you are.


 Ritsu will definitely win.


 That is right. If this man were to serve me, I would ask Ritsu to be his educator. It is not a bad idea. Based on his personality, he will listen to the words of the one who defeated him.



“I will have to ask Clan-sama if he can accept those two conditions, but I think he will. So please wait a moment.”


“Do it quickly.” (Braham)



 There were other people I had to appraise, so I could not leave right away.


 I finished appraising the remaining people while Braham kept saying, “What are you doing? Hurry up!” There were a few with passable talent, but none of them was particularly outstanding.


 I left the prison and went to see Clan-sama.



“The appraisal is over.”


“Thank you for your time.” (Clan)



 First, I gave Clan-sama a list with the names of the talented people. After that, I will explain to him what happened to Braham.



“If you win the duel, he will serve you. If you lose, he will be freed. Braham Joe… I do not know. Is he any good?” (Clan)


“He is still a work in progress, but he will make a great general when he matures more.”


“Hmm… Therefore, he wants to serve you and not me. Why?” (Clan)



 I thought it would be problematic, to be honest about my reasons, so I decided to phrase the reason mildly.



“He was worried that Clan-sama might do the same, as he had apparently been treated poorly. Clan-sama also has a large number of vassals.”


“Hmm …, if he is good, I will have him promoted right away. That is fine. Ars, do you want Braham as your vassal?” (Clan)



 I thought I could handle it if I let Ritsu educate him, so now I want him. I nodded honestly.




“Then you may accept his terms. Your vassal is also my vassal, you know. It does not matter if they do not report directly to me. I am sure you will train Braham properly.” (Clan)



 He gave me permission.


 I thanked him and walked away from Clan-sama.


 It would be better to tell Ritsu in advance that he would be fighting Braham again.


 He will probably accept, but if he does not, the duel will never happen.


 Therefore, I tracked down Ritsu and talked to him.



“Braham? Oh, yeah, there was … one. …… He was very strong. …… He had a glaring weakness…” (Ritsu)



 He seems to have left a lasting impression. It is not surprising, since Braham considered it a memorable defeat.



“I would like you to fight him again, is that a problem?”


“I do not mind, but why?” (Ritsu)



 I explained why.



“Him as your vassal? Are you really serious?” (Ritsu)


“I am serious.”


“Well … If Ars-sama says that Braham has talent…” (Ritsu)


“If he studies properly, he will be smarter than he is now. When he becomes a vassal, I would like to leave his education to you.”


“What? I would like you to not do that.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu did not refuse the rematch, but he did not seem to be comfortable educating him.


 It is true that no matter what, he will have a hard teaching Braham.



“Do not worry. I am sure he will listen to you when you win. It should not be as hard as you think.”


“Are you sure?” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu’s suspicion seemed to be quite entrenched.


 For the time being, we put off the matter of his educator and I led Ritsu to the prison where Braham was locked up. Therefore, we could schedule a rematch with him.



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