Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 144: Showdown!

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 The duel will take place at the training field at Starts Castle.


 Standing at the training ground, the two glared at each other.


 They were both carrying wooden spears for the duel. At first, I suggested that they use wooden swords, but Braham seems to be better at handling spears.


 Since Ritsu was equally strong with both sword and spear, he said either would be fine, so they decided to fight using spears.



“I have been waiting for this, Ritsu Muses. I am not going to play into your cowardly schemes this time….” (Braham)


“Cowardly sche-…… That was you self-destructing…” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu sighs with a look of disbelief.


 Losing means being disarmed or receiving an attack that would have been fatal during a real battle.


 The witness is a warrior sent by Clan-sama. It would have been difficult for me to decide the outcome, so I thought it would be better if it were someone who could fight properly, so I left it to someone else.


 He was a man with a stern face and beard and seemed to be quite serious. His bravery was at 75.



“A single match. If Ritsu Muses wins, Braham Joe will become a vassal of Ars Louvent. If Braham Joe wins, he becomes a free man.” (Witness)



 Before the battle began, the witness stated the conditions once again.



“Ready!” (Witness)



 At the signal of the witness, both raised their spear.



“Begin!” (Witness)




 The moment I heard the signal, Braham started his attack.


 The speed was incredible.


 Not good! However, Ritsu had dodged the attack even with its incredible speed.


 I do not know if he was reading or reacting, but it seemed that Braham had put everything on the line for the first blow, and his eyes widened in astonishment when it was avoided.


 Ritsu unleashed a thrust, stopping it just before it hit Braham in the neck.



“Winner Ritsu Muses!” (Witness)



 The witness declared.


 It ended faster than I expected.


 It must have been a strategy to exploit the gap right after the signal. It was not a bad strategy, given Braham’s intelligence.



“Shit… How could you have avoided that one…?” (Braham)


“It was not a bad idea, but when we faced each other; your eyes were raring to go, so I knew you were coming. If I had not known it was coming, I might not have been able to dodge the thrust.” (Ritsu)



 It seems that Ritsu was reading Braham’s thrust.


 It certainly seemed like he was dodging without difficulty, so it would not be possible if he did not know in advance.



“Gu… Shit… So you read my expression…” (Braham)



 Braham clenches his fists in frustration.




“I lost … Serve that pipsqueak as promised.” (Braham)


“It is not pipsqueak. It is Lord Ars Louvent.” (Ritsu)


“Ah … I understand. I will serve Ars.” (Braham)


“It is Ars-sama.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu laughed but his eyes were not. It is quite an intimidating expression.


 I ordered him to be Braham’s educator, so he has probably already started his education.


 As expected, Braham seemed to obey the person who had defeated him, and said, “Ars-sama…”


 With that feeling, Ritsu seems to be capable of educating Braham properly.


 With Ritsu’s victory in the duel, I succeeded in making Braham Joe my vassal.



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