Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 147: The Members of Shadow

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 A few days later.



“The leader has something to talk to Ars-sama. Would you please come with me?” (Ben)



 Ben said to me at lunch.



“Something you want to talk about? I do not mind coming with you.”



 I do not have anything in particular that I have to do right now. I do not have a problem with going with you, but what do you want?



“Yes. Then please follow me.” (Ben)



 Ben started guiding me without revealing Femme’s goal.


 Did he not know or did Femme forget him?


 I followed him without asking, thinking that I would find out once I got to where Femme was.


 After following him for a while, I was led to an obscure back alley far from people walking about.


 That is where I found Femme. However, Femme was not the only one who was present.


 There were about five men and women with unfamiliar faces.



“Oh you came?” (Femme)



 Femme said as soon as he noticed me.



“Oh, you are cuter than I expected.” (Tall Lady)



 The woman who was with Femme smiled. She was a flamboyantly dressed woman. In addition, his makeup was caked on. The woman is quite tall for her gender, maybe 170 cm [T/N: 5 ft. 7 in.]. I cannot tell her age at first glance, but she looks to be in her thirties.


 Besides her, there are two men and two other women, but they all look inconspicuous and do not leave any lasting impression. They are similar to Ben. Well, it is not as inconspicuous as Ben though.



“Who are these people?”


“My subordinates. I want them to be vassals as well because I will be your vassal. Without my companions, it will be difficult for me to work.” (Femme)


“So these people are members of Shadow… I see.”



 Except for the flashy-looking lady, it certainly seems everybody is suitable to work as spies. On the contrary, why is this person this flashy?


 Femme explained to me after seeing my bewildered reaction.



“This is Lambert, a master of disguise. If you have appraised him, you will know that he is actually a man. I do not even know what he really looks like. In fact, when he meets me, he usually wears a more modest man’s outfit, but since he is meeting you this time, he is dressed in a fancy woman’s outfit for some reason.” (Femme)


“Well, I need to make a lasting impression on our potential lord, right?” (Lambert)



 Man? I was surprised because he did not look like one at all. Femme similarly surprised me. Nevertheless, in Femme’s case, he was not disguised, he was born with a youthful appearance, but Lambert seems to be disguised and completely obscured his true form.


 I do not know what he looks like, but he has a feminine voice. How can that be done? Is he using magic?


 I appraised him and confirmed it, but he was really a man.


 His ability is average, but his skill is extraordinary.


 By the way, his real name seems to be Andrew Smudge, not Lambert. I was also surprised that he was born outside of Somerforce Empire. He spoke our language fluently, and I wondered what kind of life it would take a foreign-born person to become a mercenary in Messiaen.


 I was curious, but it was not something he would tell me so easily, so I would ask him when we have to know each other better.


 I appraised the others.


 They all seemed to have different names from their real names.


 The tall man was called Murado, the man with medium-sized medium-back hair was called Dondo, the woman with long hair was called Lemen, and the woman with sharp eyes was called Shark.


 All of them have high bravery and strategy. I guess you have to be smart, able to fight and move properly to be a spy.


 On top of that, Lemen and Dondo had high magic aptitude at B.


 All of them were from outside of Messiaen, and I could guess that they were mercenaries for their own personal reasons.



“So what do you think? Will they be your vassals?” (Femme)


“If it is easier for you, I have no problem making them my vassals. Personally, I would like to ask them to be my vassals, because they are so capable.”


“I see. That will help.” (Femme)



 After that, we separated without any further interaction. It was just a face-to-face meeting.


 I returned to Starts Castle in a good mood, with people who are excellent becoming my vassals.


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