Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 149: A Story from the Messenger

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 When I heard the report that the messenger had arrived, I thought that he had decided to surrender.


 Perhaps Clan-sama thought so, too, and let the messenger pass through the gate.


 Naturally, we were wary of it being an enemy trap. Paying close attention to the chances of assassination. We carry out a rigorous body check. The messenger did not hide his weapon, but we still took the utmost care. Moreover, it was decided that Robinson, Clan-sama’s right arm, would meet him, not Clan-sama.


 The meeting was to take place in the Great Hall of Starts Castle. Not only Robinson, but also other influential nobles were also present. I was at the far end of the room, watching the meeting.


 The hall opened and the messenger comes in. There were two soldiers flanking the messenger to prevent him from acting out.



“I came by the order of Mr. Kanses. My name is Vince Lovans.”



 He was a middle-aged man with a bald spot on the top of his head. His command and bravery were in the low 30s, but his strategy was 72 and his politics was 79. He had the status of a civil servant.



“I am Robinson, Clan-sama’s second-in-command. Clan-sama is feeling a little under the weather, so I will be happy to talk to you on his behalf. “



 Robinson lied. He cannot honestly say that he might be an assassin.



“Okay, let us get down to the main topic. I am here to ask for a truce.”



 When Vince said the word “truce,” the place buzzed.


 Some yelled at him, wondering if there was such a thing as a truce at this point in time.


 I was surprised because I had thought that he had come as an emissary of surrender to make the terms of the surrender as good as possible for the Kanses.


 Either way, a truce is not acceptable. He would be refused.



“A truce …? I am sorry, but we cannot accept it under any conditions. Please go back.” (Robinson)



 Robinson said politely, but the other nobles were shouting at him to go back.



“I want you to hear me out. We have a secret weapon that we have not yet used.” (Vince)



 A secret weapon.


 Suddenly he said something strange.



“What a secret weapon?” (Robinson)


“We have been developing a magical weapon in Beltud Castle for some time. We have developed a very large catalyst engine and magic that can shatter a city with a single blow. If we wanted to, we could destroy the Starts Castle. We would not want to use this either.”



 I knew the moment I heard that he was bluffing.


 If it were true, they would have blown up Clan-sama’s army, and if there were such a thing, they would have used it sooner.



“It is a lie. I have never heard of such a weapon. If so, why have not you used it before?” (Robinson)



 Robinson said what I thought.


 The aristocrats around him also agree with Robinson’s opinion.


 However, Vince does not withdraw.



“It is a weapon that kills a lot of people, so it cannot be used without consequence. It cannot be used except when we are cornered like now.” (Vince)



 He had a point, but I still could not believe that such a thing would be so convenient.


 However, I cannot say for sure that there is no such thing, and I thought that he had said something troublesome.


 Vince continues talking after that.


 Vince was very good at speaking, and the aristocrats who had determined that he was lying gradually doubted that it might just be a bluff.


 Robinson decides that it is not a good idea to keep him talking like this, so he ends the meeting with Vince and sends him on his way.


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