Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 15: Military Officer

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I headed for the house where the Keith family lived in village of Lamberk.


When I first visited the village, I tried to not be recognized as the son of the lord, but now I am doing it without disguising myself.


Because, when I was looking for human resources in the village for the sixth time, my disguise was revealed. And after I went a few succeeding visits people got used to me coming to the village. They were no longer clamoring. So there is no need to disguise myself.


Though this is not the first time today. Right now, I am walking with Ritsu so I am not flocked by the villagers.



“This is the home of the Keith family.” (Ritsu)



Arriving at a slightly battered house. Even in this village, it is not a house that can be considered a fine place.


I stand in front of the door and knocked.


Then the door opened suddenly,






A child jumped out of the house crying.


She is a slender, androgynous child, and he does not know which one she is. He is probably a boy though.


The hair is golden, crusty and dirty.


He is shorter and probably younger than me.


The child glanced at me before running away crying somewhere. I had no time to appraise. Is it a child of the Keith family? However, as Ritsu said, the children are 12 and 11 years old…


No wait, didn’t Ritsu say three brothers?


The eldest brother who was rumored to be strong had another younger brother below, also strong.


The third son didn’t look very strong, but well, he’s still young. He can grow into one.



“Oi, Russell! Wait!”



A big loud man came out of the house.


The man noticed me,



“Are you…Are you the son of the lord?” (Loud guy)



Looking at my clothes the man smooths his reaction perhaps because he realized that I am the son of the lord.



“I am Ars, the son of the lord” (Ars)


“Why did you come to a house like mine…?” (Loud guy)


“I heard that the sons of this house is very good, and I wanted to see them once.” (Ars)


“Oh. Welcome. I’m Greg Keith. Please come in.” (Greg)



What a warm welcome.


He didn’t look very welcoming to Ritsu, but since he was well dressed he probably identified him as my vassal.


By the way, Greg’s status was mediocre, and the rest was mediocre.



“By the way, there was a child who came out crying. Is that one of your sons Greg?” (Ars)


“He’s called Russell he is my youngest son, but he is not as strong as his older brothers. He’s weak and he cries easily. He probably can’t help it he’s just five. He cried and run away because he was scolded for over sleeping. I wish he’ll become better when he grows up.” (Greg)


“If I’m still five, I’m still growing.” (Ars)


“That’s right. But, as expected of the son of the lord. You are strong enough compared to Russell. and he’s about the same age.” (Greg)


I’m strong because I’m reincarnated. I feel like I used to play music at the age of five in the previous life.


After that, I was introduced to his eldest son and second son.

He introduced me as the son of the lord.


The eldest son’s name is Guts and Marcus is the second son.


Certainly both were tall and their bodies were great compared to their age.

I looked at their status and it was better than I had imagined.


Their command maxed out at 40, neither of which was enough to be a General, but the max value of bravery was 77 for Guts, 75 for Marcus, and even their current numbers were Guts (67) and Marcus (65). Both tactics and politics are low.


Regarding their aptitudes, Guts infantry is A rank. Everything else is C or D. Marcus has an archery rank of A. Everything else was C or D.


Guts is good at close quarters, and Marx is good at long-range attacks with a bow.


I wasn’t surprised at all, but it seems that rumors can be relied upon.



“How is it?” (Ritsu)


“These two are pretty good. If they want to become a soldiers in the future, you should have them train in the parade starting from tomorrow.” (Ars)



I answered Ritsu’s question.



“Oh, good. You guys said you want to be a soldiers and become famous!” (Greg)



Greg seems to be a hunter, but he seemed to welcome both sons as soldiers. His sons are also liked by me, and are enthusiastic about training at the parade ground.



“I hope to see you training starting from tomorrow” (Ars)


“”Yes!!”” (Keith sons)



When I hear a pleasant reply, I left their home.


Then, the third son, Russell, who left the house crying a little while ago, is walking back at home but he looks quite the loss.


If the two brothers are excellent, this third son may also be excellent.


With a hopeful feeling, I checked the status of Russell.


I took a deep breath when I saw the status.


Russell Keith – 5 years old – ♂



Command 35/88

Bravery 11/32

Strategy 45 /109

Politics 32/95

Ambition 21



Infantry D            Cavalry D         Archer C

Magic Soldier C  Fortification A   Weapon A

Navy C                Air Force A       Tactics S



He had such a tremendous tactical talent that he might become a great general in the future. 
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