Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 151: The Enemy’s Aim

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 A few days later, when the army was steadily preparing to go into battle, a scout who had been gathering information on the enemy came to report back in a panic.


 The scout went to report to the clan, and since I was curious, I went to hear what he had to say.



“The enemy troops have started to move strangely. They seem to be preparing some kind of huge apparatus that I have never seen before.” (Scout)


“What did you say?” (Clan)



 Upon hearing that, Clan-sama makes a bitter expression.


 When he heard about the huge apparatus, he immediately thought of it as the secret weapon that was developed in Beltud, which the messenger said the other day.


 Was it true and not a lie?


 I thought so, but I immediately begin to reconsider.


 This weapon is also likely to be a prop.


 They were probably just preparing something that was not actually a weapon at all, as if it was.


 However, if they actually show us that they are preparing it, we might have to be a little more careful before we go there.


 In an unexpected possibility, it could be a real weapon. It could be a fairly powerful weapon, even if it was not powerful enough to destroy a city.


 How will Clan-sama decide?



“There is a high possibility that this is another lie… but if we do not find out what it is, there is a possibility that the vassals will be scared and their morale will not improve… It will take some time to find out the identity of the weapon. The enemy’s goal is to buy time. It is a waste of time. Even if you earn a little more time now, it will have no effect.” (Clan)



 Clan-sama seems to be trying to find out more about the weapon is. Since the weapon seems to be out in the open, it might be manageable, but it might take some time.


 If the enemy aims to earn time, which is something we can understand. As Clan-sama says, how useful is it to earn more time now?


 Is it possible that the weapon is really being developed and they are going to stick around until it is finished? Hmmm, there is no chance of that, but if that were the case, I would not take this approach. I think there are other ways to buy more time.


 So is there a purpose other than earning time?


 Honestly, I do not know.


 Clan-sama seems to be investigating about the weapons and will have to wait for information for a while.


 He used a spy who is not part of Shadow to look up the information. Shadow could not be used due to their important mission of protecting Clan-sama.


 A few days later, the spy returned unexpectedly early.


 I did not hear the report directly, but after Clan-sama heard the report, he gathered his vassals and told him the spy’s report.



“The weapons in the example are still like a flashy red herring. It seems that the enemy was trying to draw attention to the weapon, and while they were buying time, they were secretly setting up magic traps to increase their defenses. If the secret agent had failed to grab the information, things might have gotten a little tricky.” (Clan)



 I see so that was a distraction.


 It is true that if you are told about a secret weapon beforehand and prepare a weapon that looks like it, we will pay attention to it.


 In the meantime, they could have set a trap or done whatever they really wanted to do.



“I understand the enemy’s intentions. We are going to conquer Beltud through a siege attack, so let us move before they set up their traps. We will waste time pondering about their schemes and letting them set up traps. Let us move!” (Clan)


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