Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 154: Capture

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 The operation moved as planned.


 The commander in the field was Lemail-sama, who was in charge, and I had come along with my vassals.


 If we sent out a spy to check, beforehand if enemy soldiers were lurking in the area. However, detection was a possibility and the enemy might flee. Therefore, we decided to attack without doing any inspections.


 If we were wrong, we would have wasted a lot of magic water, but since we had plenty of resources, the losses would not be that painful.



 Still feeling the way I did in due to my previous life in Japan. I felt a sense of guilt, wondering if it was okay to burn down the lush nature. Nevertheless, the people of this world did not seem to feel that way.


 We set up several large catalytic engines around the forest where the enemy was most likely hiding.



 The weather was fine, and the air seemed dry.


 This would burn well.



 After the catalyst engine is ready, Lemail-sama raises his hand and signals the mages to use magic.


 Simultaneously, the mages cast powerful fire-type magic called Firestorm.


 Multiple fire vortices sprouted, burning up the forest.


 There is a gargantuan vortex of flames, but that is probably Charlotte’s magic.


 However, there was a chance that some of them might be able to escape, so we laid out a blockade around the forest to prevent those from escaping. The soldiers were placed some distance away from the forest so that the flames would not hit them.


 If hypothetically, Thomas came out, we told them to capture him. Clan-sama has informed the entire army of Thomas’ appearance.


 Mireille has not seen him for several years, so she does not know what he looks like now. In fact, Clan-sama said that Thomas now has a beard, but Mireille did not know Thomas could even grow a beard.


 I was watching the forest burn from a distance.


 I do not know if there were any people inside. However, if there were, I can say with certainty that it would have looked like hell on earth. After a while, there was a movement in our army.


 Apparently, some soldiers have fled.


 What a merciless scene was unfolding in front of my eyes as I stabbed at the soldiers who had escaped with their lives.


 I was tempted to turn my eyes away. Nevertheless, as the head of the Louvent family, I watched the battle to its conclusion. I could not show the people around me a pitiful figure.





“Report! We have captured the enemy general, Thomas Grangeon!” (Soldier)



 That was the report.



“Really! Bring him to me!”



 Lemail-sama hurriedly orders that.



 A bearded man with a shaved head, tied up with ropes, was brought in.


 He was a tall, burly man. I am not sure what to make of that. The two of them looked so much alike that it was unmistakable that they were siblings.



“Mireille, is this your younger brother?” (Mireille)



 Lemail-sama asked for the time being.



“No doubt. It is been a long time, my foolish brother.” (Mireille)






 Thomas glared at Mireille in silence.


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