Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 155: Thomas

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 Thomas does not speak at all but keeps glaring at Mireille. Apparently, she is quite hated.



 I tried to appraise Thomas.



 Thomas Grangeon – 27 years old – ♂



 Command 95/100

 Bravery 85/91

 Strategy 94/94

 Politics 80/80

 Ambition 20



 Infantry A               Cavalry S                   Archery A

 Magic Soldier C    Fortification B           Weaponry D

 Navy D                   Air Force A                Strategy S



 Born on January 10, 183 years of the current Imperial era in Alcantes, Alcantes County, Messiaen Province, Somerforce Empire. Both parents are dead. He has one older sister. A stubborn personality. Likes sweets. Enjoys horseback riding. Prefers gentlewomen. He is firmly loyal to his master Lord Basamark.


 He is regarded as a great general and has very good abilities.


 He is the best, even to his sister Mireille. Overall, Thomas may be the stronger of the two.


 If he follows Clan-sama, he will be a powerful ally, but his loyalty to Basamark still seems to be quite strong.


 He will not be convinced to switch sides easily.


 Well, Beltud will probably fall without any help in this battle. There would be no more schemes, it is set in stone.


 Basamark, who is in Alcantes, will have his work cut out for him. If Clan-sama overthrows Basamark and becomes the ruler of Messiaen, Thomas may also serve Clan-sama. That is if they do not execute Basamark.


 We then took Thomas back to Starts Castle.



“Long time no see, Thomas. It has been about three years. I thought I would have to kill you during this mission, but it is an unexpected stroke of luck that you are still alive.” (Clan)



 Clan-sama was very pleased that Thomas was alive.


 Perhaps he will invite Thomas to become his vassal.


 Thomas seemed to have foreseen that too,



“I do not want to be a vassal. My lord is only Basamark-sama.” (Thomas)



 I checked him before he was invited.



“I knew you would say that. I knew you would say that, but you are smart enough to know that. However, if you are smart, you know that this situation is not good for Basamark. If you serve me, I promise you will be treated well.” (Clan)


“This is not a decision based on profit and loss, you know?” (Thomas)



 Thomas’s character seems to be quite stubborn.


 After that, Clan-sama persistently solicited, but Thomas only shook his head.


 There was no doubt that Thomas was a person who should not be allowed to escape, so it was decided to give up on recruiting him and put him in jail.


 Then, we started preparing to go into battle to besiege and conquer Beltud as planned.


 It was decided to go into battle just as winter was coming.


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