Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 156: The End

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 Under Clan-sama’s orders, we set out to bring down Beltud.


 The one leading the troops was Lemail-sama. He was to raise his position in this battle.




 The enemy chose to fight. A siege had been decided upon as the way to bring down Beltud. Lemail laid out a thorough siege to make sure that not a single mouse could get through to Beltud.




 Within a few days of the siege, a messenger arrived from Beltud. It was a messenger sending out their surrender. The enemy army must have realized that none was going to work out this time.


 The enemy did not seem to be willing to surrender unconditionally. They seemed to want to guarantee the safety of their vassals. It was only on the condition of their safety, not on the condition that they would keep their positions. The county mayor, Kanses, had not included his own personal safety as a condition.


 It was not up to Lemail-sama to decide on his own whether to accept the conditions. Immediately, he sent a letter to Clan-sama and asked for his response. He replied that he has no problem with those conditions. At that moment, the decision was made to formally accept Beltud’s surrender.



 Lemail-sama sent a messenger to Beltud.



 In order to surrender, the soldiers were to be disarmed and their weapons and magical water were to be handed over. If there were any traps in the castle, they were to be disarmed. The conditions were conveyed to the messenger.


 The enemy quietly complied with the conditions.


 The weapons of the disarmed soldiers were carried in large quantities. It seemed as if there would be nothing more.


 There were several traps set to repel intruders in Beltud Castle, and we had them all disarmed.


 Then had them thoroughly checked for other possibly hidden traps.


 When we were convinced that there were no more traps, Lemail-sama took the soldiers into Beltud Castle.


 The Beltud Castle is also a walled city. The scale of the town is large. It is not as big as Sempler, which is ruled by Clan-sama. It was definitely bigger than Canale. Since Beltud is one of the largest cities in Messiaen, along with Sempler and Massa, I guess it is no surprise.



 We entered the castle and took into custody the nobles who were in Beltud Castle. They would not be killed, but I do not know if they will be able to stay in the same position as before. The results of my appraisal will likely determine the outcome.




 I appraised all of Beltud’s vassals. There were some with surprisingly low abilities, but most of them were excellent. However, none of them was outstanding.



 I also saw the county mayor, Kanses, for the first time here.


 His hair is black. However, many wrinkles carved his face. At first glance, he looked like a normal middle-aged man, but he had an unusual power from his gaze.


 His status was more average than I expected. The average is about the middle of 60. Political power was high, about 80. He has a better status than a commoner does, but since he is the mayor of a big city called Beltud, I expected that he would have a slightly higher status. He must be a man of virtue because he is greatly admired by his vassals.


 Lemail-sama reported to Clan-sama that he had completely secured the safety of Beltud Castle. It seems that Clan-sama is coming to Beltud. The soldiers used in the siege were sent to guard Clan-sama. Protected by those soldiers, Clan-sama arrived in Beltud.



“O Kanses. Your decision to surrender this time was a wise one. However, those of you who refused my invitation and chose to join the Basamark side and fight against me will not go unpunished.” (Clan)



 Clan-sama said in a stern tone.


 The vassals of Kanses bow to Clan-sama all at once, begging him to spare Kanses, perhaps because they felt the tense atmosphere.



“I did not say anything about killing him. However, you will stay in prison until the battle with Basamark is settled and I take command of Messiaen. After that, depending on your attitude, I may give you new territory.” (Clan)



 Not killing him was a relatively lenient measure, I suppose. It was the right thing to do, since killing him would have caused unnecessary resentment.


 Many of the officers wanted to be locked up with Kanses. Also, a few served Clan-sama and swore allegiance to him.


 Thus, the Battle of Beltud was completely over and the post-war process began. 


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