Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 157: The County Mayor

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 The battle at Beltud ended with a victory.


 There were few human casualties in this battle, but the exhaustion of troops and magic water was great. We still have not been able to drop the Alcantes, but Clan has decided that it would be difficult to completely defeat them in our current state, hence the decision to put in a long preparation period. It would take at least a year.



 During the preparation period, they will decide what to do with the lands that have been captured.


 The counties that had surrendered beforehand would not have their mayors replaced, but the counties that had resisted, Beltud and Samuk, would have new mayors.



 First, the Mayor of Samuk County was to be Lupa, who had surrendered through a compromise.



 There were many who wanted to be a county mayor and few enemy vassals who were not satisfied. This was intended to make it easier for them to surrender by showing that those who listened to Clan-sama’s words and surrendered would be given preferential treatment, and for this purpose, he probably thought it was okay to have them distrust their vassals a little. No, it is not that he thinks it is a good idea, but that he intends to make up for it elsewhere.



 As for the county mayor of Beltud, it was decided that Lemail-sama would be in charge of that position.



 There seemed to be no objection to this decision. Lemail-sama had improved his position considerably in this war. Although it was only a plan made by his vassals, since it was Lemail-sama who was in command, he was considered to be the most accomplished in this battle.



 Lemail-sama was originally the chief of Canale County, and Canale and Beltud are far apart. It would be difficult to govern them at the same time. When it came to the question of what to do about Canale, Clan-sama declared in a loud voice,



“The head of Canale County shall be Ars Louvent.” (Clan)



 At the end of the battle with Basamark, I was promised to become Mayor of Canale, but when he made that promise, I had no strategy to conquer Beltud. Because the circumstances have changed, it seems that the decision was made quickly.


 I thought people would be completely opposed, but unexpectedly there were some in agreement and some were opposed. It seems that all my vassals’ success was not attributed to Lemail-sama, but were properly shared. Maybe it is because Clan-sama has been acknowledging my merits frequently.


 Some disagreed that I was still too young, but Clan-sama said I would remain the Mayor of Canale and nothing would change his decision.


 However, it was not yet decided that I would be the Mayor of Canale.


 Lemail-sama did not exactly refuse the idea of becoming the mayor of Beltud County but asked Clan-sama to let him think.



 Since he was a man of multiple accomplishments, Clan-sama could not force him to do anything, so he decided to wait for his decision.



 In the evening, I was summoned by Lemail-sama.


 He said he wanted to talk to me alone.


 I trusted Lemail-sama, so I went alone, without an escort.



 I entered the room where Lemail-sama was. Lemail-sama was sitting there with a serious expression on his face.



“Good to see you, Ars.” (Lemail)


“Yes. As promised, I came alone.”


“Have a seat.” (Lemail)



 I sat down in the chair at his urging. It was a fine, comfortable chair, but I was so nervous I did not have time to feel comfortable.



 Lemail-sama was silent for a while. I wait for him to speak,



“… The land of Canale County is a land that has been passed down from generation to generation.”



 Lemail-sama began to speak with a troubled expression.



“I have lived there since I was a kid. I have a great number of feelings about the place. The county of Canale is small, but I have been trying to make as many of my people live in happiness. I am still not done, so I am going to continue my efforts.” (Lemail)




“… Still, Canale is small compared to Beltud. Much smaller. There are fewer people, and the town is smaller. There is a huge difference in the number of useful resources. I am grateful for this, but I just cannot bring myself to be truly happy about it.” (Lemail)


“… I know exactly how you feel.”



 Lemail-sama was silent again for a long time.


 I keep staring at him nervously. He must have mixed feelings.


 After a few minutes, Lemail-sama finally opened his mouth.



“Ars.” (Lemail)




“Can you make Canale County a better place?” (Lemail)



 With a serious look, Lemail-sama looked at me. I cannot reply with a half-hearted resolution. Make Canale a better land. It is not that easy. I thought I could still do it. With the wisdom of my vassals, I was convinced that if I could discover the talents still sleeping within the land and find them all, I would definitely be able to make it a better territory.


 I stared at Lemail-sama with serious eyes and declared.


“I will.”



 Upon hearing my reply, Lemail-sama stared into my eyes for a few seconds, and his mouth curved.



“I will be the mayor of Beltud. I will leave Canale to you.” (Lemail)


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