Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 158: To Canale Castle

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 Later that day, I heard the news Lemail-sama was going to be the mayor of Beltud County.


 After that, Clan-sama declared that I would be the mayor of Canale County.



 It was now officially decided that I would be the mayor of Canale County.



 No one had any objections to this decision, but some of the lords might have been displeased. A few looked at me with a scathing gaze. I appraised the names and abilities of the lords who seemed to be antagonistic and wrote them down on a piece of paper before I forgot them. If anything should happen in the future, it would be dangerous to rely on these people.



 I had no more business in Beltud Castle, so I was getting ready to leave when I was summoned by Clan-sama.



“Ars. The plan was to make you the mayor after winning the battle with Basamark, but the work of the battle to take Beltud this time was quite splendid. It is a little earlier than promised, that you became a mayor. You did it.” (Clan)



 Clan-sama said cheerfully. I still cannot get used to receiving praise as if my vassals’ accomplishments were my own. I cannot tell him how much it makes me squirm. It is not that I did not do anything, but I did not do much in battle.


 I suppressed the urge to squirm and thanked Clan-sama.



“I am full of gratitude for the extraordinary honor. I pledge to work even harder for Clan-sama as a Mayor.”


“Hmmm, do your best. As I said before, I would like to take some time to regroup before attacking the Alcantes. Our army has some problems, such as low rations, but it seems that the Paradigm suffered a lot of damage in the battle of Alcantes. Since we want to attack Alcantes in tandem with the Paradigm’s army, we need to wait for the Paradigm’s army to regain its footing.” (Clan)



 I see it looks like we have more time than I thought before we attack Alcantes. In the meantime, it is nice to be able to relax and not have to fight.


 I am going to have to learn a lot of new things about being a Canale County Mayor, so that will be tough, but it will be a lot easier than going to war.



“Being a new Mayor of Canale can be a daunting task, but be prepared for the war.” (Clan)





 When he heard my reply, Clan-sama nodded satisfied.


 Then I left Clan-sama and returned to Lamberk with my vassals.


 Before returning to Lamberk, Lemail-sama sent his vassal, Menace Leonard, to accompany me. This is to explain the current situation of Canale County and to guide me regarding Canale Castle. Menace is one of the talented people among Lemail-sama’s vassals and is familiar with the work of the Mayor of Canale.


 Since Lemail-sama will also change from Mayor Canale to Mayor Beltud, I asked if it would be better to keep his talented vassal at hand. There is no doubt that it would be easier to do with Menace. However, he said he has been the mayor of a county for many years, so he can manage it. He said that those who became mayors for the first time would need someone to guide them. It seems that I need to be attentive to Lemail-sama.


 Once I entered Lamberk, I explained the situation to the vassals who had remained in the mansion.


 There were various reactions. Some were surprised. Some who were pleased, and those who were worried about what would happen to Lamberk in the future.


 If I become the mayor of Canale, my residence will move to Canale Castle.


 I would miss the mansion I had lived in since I was born, but since Canale and Lamberk are not so far apart, I could take a vacation if I really wanted to go visit.


 If I leave the mansion, I have to leave the operation of Lamberk to someone else. The most reliable person is Ritsu, but… I want him to be close to me and support me… How will I discuss it with everyone later and decide?


 The ones who will be moving would only include me and my family, and a few of the servants. If everyone moved, Lamberk could not operate, so a only few moved.


 With the entire necessary luggage, I left Lamberk and headed for Canale Castle.


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