Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 159: Guidance

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 After arriving at Canale, we headed to Canale Castle.


 Compared to the Sempler Castle and the castles in the imperial capital, the Canale Castle was old and not very elegant, but it was still hard to believe that I was now the lord of a castle. It was even more so because in my previous life I had been a plain, ordinary businessman.


 I entered the castle. It has been a while since I entered this castle. At first, my dad got sick, so I went instead.


 Suddenly, I wondered what it would be like; if my father knew that, I had become the mayor of Canale.


 “Are you surprised, pleased, or both?” When I imagined my father’s expression, I felt loneliness in my heart. To please my father in heaven, the Louvent family must survive.


 I had Menace show me around the castle. When I went there before, I did not go around the castle so much, so I am not familiar with the interior.


 It was a three-story castle, with a dining room, a great hall, a reception room, a treasury, an armory, a kitchen, a pantry, and a bathhouse on the first floor. Then, a library, a common room, a military council room, and living spaces for the vassals on the second floor. Finally, living spaces for the lord and his family, a study, and an office on the third floor.


 It was still larger than the Louvent family’s mansion, so it took a long time just to look around. I wanted to take a closer look, but I have many other things to do, so I just looked around.


 I asked the servants who had come with me and the servants who had stayed at the castle to prepare for the residence, and then I went to the office to hear the details from Menace.


 There was a large desk in the center of the office. The walls are lined up with many shelves, and it seems that materials related to the territory are stored inside.



“Please look through this first.” (Menace)



 Menace handed me a stack of papers.


 There were quite a few sheets of paper. I wondered what it was about, but when I looked through it, it seemed to be a sheet of paper with information about the entire Canale County.


 It contained information on the military situation, the amount of food harvested, the amount of taxes paid, the problems with population, the security situation, maps, resources, and many other things.


 Even when I was governing Lamberk, I had compiled some information, but since the scale of the city was small, there was not much information to compile, so I did not have this many pages.


 It took me about two hours just to finish reading the whole thing. My eyes were tired. I remembered that in my previous life if I sat and read something for two hours, not only my eyes but also my back and shoulders would hurt. Maybe it is because I am young now, but I do not feel much pain.


 As far as I could see, the scale was still bigger than that of Lamberk. In the first place, there is also information on Lamberk. I remembered that I was supposed to send a piece of paper with information on it.



“That is it for guidance. Please discuss and decide how you will manage your territory from now on. Besides, it would be better to invite the lords of Canale County to the castle as soon as possible. I have informed them that the county mayor has been changed. ” (Menace)


“Thank you for showing me around.”



 Perhaps because he had been instructed to return to Beltud as soon as possible, the guidance ended earlier than I expected.


 I wrote a letter to each of the lords as soon as possible and sent it to them, then decided to discuss with my vassals regarding the management of Lamberk in my absence. 


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