Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 16: Obtaining Permission

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His maximum value is terrifying.


 He has a potential of 109 in strategy, then perhaps nobody will outnumber him in the Somerforce Empire.


 Besides that, he has excellent political power and command. His only weakness is his low bravery. He won’t be fighting then.


 He’s only 5 years old now, so all of his abilities are low, but if he’ll be a good retainer once he grows up.


 I thought that the older brothers are a great catch, but there is someone like Russell.


 It was a blessing that the Keith family moved to this village.



“Ars, why do you care about that child?” (Ritsu)



 As I stared at Russell, Ritsu called out to me.



“Oh, that kid has a tremendous potential for strategy. He’ll grow up to be a good military officer eventually.” (Ars)


“A military officer… If Ars-sama says it then I’m sure it is true.” (Ritsu)


“He only has the potential, so I would like him to receive a high-level of education.” (Ars)


“In that case, it would be better to study with Ars-sama. If he is such a smart child, he would be worth teaching.” (Ritsu)



 Russell studying with me?


 That would be nice.


 Ritsu’s teaching method is very good, and his strategy value too will soon rise.


 The question is whether we can get permission from father.


 Russell has been quivering silently while staring at me. He also has tears in my eyes.


 Apparently, he is frightened of Ritsu and me.


 He hasn’t done anything in particular, but I don’t know why he is so scared. Neither I nor Ritsu look that scary. I don’t know what would happen if he sees father.



“Oh, Russell!”



 Greg comes and calls Russell.



“Have you said your greetings to Ars-sama?!” (Greg)



 Russell shook his head.



“You have to say hello! He is the son of the lord! That person! He’s just an extremely shy person.”



 Is he really just shy?


 To be frightened up to here is a pretty terrible personality quirk.


 Well, in the case of Russell, he has a high maximum value for politics.


 I think it’s difficult to do politics while being shy, so perhaps training will cure him of it.


 Greg has just arrived, so let’s talk about educating Russell.



“Greg and Russell. I have a request, okay?” (Ars)


“Huh? Did you still have request? Or rather, not just me, but also Russell?” (Greg)


“By looking at Russell, he has the talent to become a military officer in the future. Of course, since he is a child now, his ability is low at the moment, so I want him to be highly educated.” (Ars)


“Ru, Russell as a military officer? This bed-wetter boy, isn’t that a joke?” (Greg)


“Bed-wetting is something every child does. It’s not something to be ashamed of.” (Ars)


“But this guy is not a good fit, he can’t meet people, his body is much smaller and he barely grew at all. My two sons weren’t like that, even when they were five, they we more built than Russell.” (Greg)



 It seems that Greg’s impression of Russell is lower than I expected.


 Perhaps they are just looking at their strength and not their intelligence.


 Even now, he is definitely a smart child. So if he was born to a family with access to education he will be known as a child prodigy. But he does not have the opportunity to study at a hunter’s family.


 The fact that the two brothers are excellent in bravery may also be the reason for the low evaluation.


 Certainly, if you compare only bravery, Russell is far inferior to his two brothers. On the contrary, in terms of overall strengths, Russell has both of the brother’s beat.


 At this point, it was difficult to get Greg to recognize Russell’s capabilities. Is there no way to get him to agree?



“It’s true that Russell has a talent. If you have him train under me, he is bound to become a good soldier. I will have him be granted permission to study in my mansion. Is okay now?”


“…Well, if Ars-sama is making a lot of considerations, there’s no reason to turn it down.” (Greg)


 Russell nodded silently to Greg.


 It’s more like he followed his parent’s decision than he decided. The future doesn’t look very bright. I wanted him to make his own decisions if possible. But the child does only follow what his parents say.



“Thank you. Well then, I want him to start tomorrow. Tomorrow morning, bring Guts and Marcus to the training grounds and Russell to my mansion. That’s it.” (Ars)


“understood” (Greg)


 I was wondering if it would start normally, so I decided to start everything tomorrow.


 Upon hearing Greg’s reply, I left towards home and excitedly waited for the next day.

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