Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 160: Discussion

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“First, let us decide what to do with Lamberk. I need to be in this castle as a lord, so I want to leave Lamberk to someone I can trust.”



 As soon as I started the conversation Russell immediately said,



“I think it is best to leave it to Ritsu-san.” (Russell)



 He said this.


 At that moment, Ritsu had a shocked expression on his face.


 Everyone knows the contributions of Ritsu. Nowadays, no one despises Marcans and everyone nods.


 As for me, I want Ritsu to stay with me, but I do not have a choice. I am sure that Ritsu is the one I can trust the most.



 I glanced at his face and saw that he did not look happy, but rather he looked like he was holding back something he wanted to say. Does he not want to do it? I would like to ask him about his wishes.



“Do you have any particular objections to Ritsu?”


“… If Ars-sama says this, I have no objection.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu said, looking at me like an abandoned puppy.


 Apparently, he does not want to go.


 I did not want to force him to do anything unpleasant here, just because he has made a great contribution to the Louvent family.



“Ritsu, can you tell me what you really mean?”



 After a little while, Ritsu raised his face and spoke with a determined look.



“If possible, I would like to serve by Ars-sama’s side.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu said with conviction.


 I want Ritsu to help me, and if he does not like it, I will have him stay at Canale Castle.



“I want to respect Ritsu’s opinion.”


“Well, but who would it be other than Ritsu-san…” (Russell)



 Everyone on the spot thought the same thing as Russell.



“How about having the most successful person run Lamberk?” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu gave his opinion.


 The ones who made a war effort … All of them turned their eyes to Charlotte immediately and made a brittle smile.


 Charlotte was arguably the most successful. It is a fact that she was the most active of all of Clan-sama’s soldiers as an individual.


 However, when it comes to territorial management … well, I cannot really imagine her doing well as a lord.


 Charlotte, who sensed the meaning of our reaction, puffs out her cheeks in dissatisfaction.



“Muuu. Are you saying that I cannot do it?” (Charlotte)


“No, I am not, but I just thought …… there might be a better person for the job.”



 I hurriedly followed up.



“I do not think it is impossible. You just have to sit in a chair.” (Charlotte)


“We are being ridiculous.” (Russell)



 After all, Lambert cannot be left to Charlotte.


 A more solid option would be nice.



“Russell may be the right person. He may still be young, but he is smart and he has grown mentally strong during the war.” (Ritsu)



 When Ritsu gave his opinion, Russell replied,



“Oh, I cannot!” (Russell)



 He immediately refused with all his might.



“It is absolutely impossible for me to manage a territory. I will spend less time studying.” (Russell)



 He did not seem to want to do it at all. He was also quite active in the war. However, it is probably best not to let them do it if they do not want to.



 Then the rest is…



“It seems that I have no choice but to do it. I used to be a lord, and it is okay if it is just Lamberk.” (Mireille)



 Mireille said so with her arms folded.



“Oh, maybe that is okay; teacher will do it properly.” (Russell)



 Russell, her student, reacted favorably, but I felt strongly that it would be better not to.


 Mireille’s ambition is too high. To put it bluntly, I do not trust her. However, I am sure she is capable of ruling Lamberk.



“I think Mireille is fine too.” (Ritsu)



 Surprisingly, Ritsu also agreed. I was surprised because I thought that Ritsu acknowledged Mireille but he did not trust her.


 If Russell and Ritsu say, it might be better left to Mireille … but she has a high ambition… Looking like I was worried, Ritsu whispered.



“It is okay, Ars-sama. The people loved the Louvent family, so it is difficult to betray the Louvent family just because you entrusted Lamberk to someone else. Besides, Shadow can be used because they became a vassal.” (Ritsu)



 Apparently, Ritsu still did not trust Mireille but thought he could prevent betrayal.


 Certainly, it would be difficult to betray if one Shadow member overseeing Mireille and reporting her movements.


 I was relieved to hear Ritsu’s words.



“Then let us leave Lamberk to Mireille. Everyone has no objection?”



 No one opposed it. It was decided to leave Lamberk to Mireille.


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