Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 161: Flying Ship

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 We have decided that we need to make an urgent decision, so today’s discussion is over.


 I will discuss and decide on the detailed domestic policies later.



“First of all, since we have invited the lords to the castle, we should make preparations for the feast. They will most likely come.” (Ritsu)


“That is right. Let us get them ready as soon as possible.”



 I accepted Ritsu’s proposal.


 I have not received a reply since I just sent the letter, but I do not think they will reply that they will not come. They might not like the idea of me, a young man, becoming the head of Canale County, but since the transfer was Clan-sama’s decision, it would be difficult for a single lord to object. At the very least, Hammond Plaid, the Lord of Torrequista, will come.


 Her daughter Lithia and I are engaged with each other. Even if he does not come, there is nothing better than being prepared.


 …… Speaking of which, what should Lithia do?


 I promised to get married when the war was over. I have no complaints about the marriage itself, but the war is not over yet. Although we are in an overwhelmingly superior situation, Clan-sama has not yet dropped the enemy’s home base, Alcantes. There will be another battle soon.


 Personally, I think I should get married after the war is completely over, but what does she think about it? She will likely come with Hammond-san, so we should talk a bit at that time.


 A few days after preparing for the feast, Hammond Plaid, the lord of Torrequista, and Karl Orslow, the lord of the Khmer, sent me a letter to go to Canale Castle.


 When I was preparing for the feast on that day,



“Ars-sama, Shin Seimaro is coming to the castle to meet Ars-sama. Would you like to see him?” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu has reported.


 Shin Seimaro… I did not recognize the name for a moment, but I immediately remembered it. He was from the imperial capital and was highly knowledgeable about airships.


 If I became Mayor of Canale, I promised to provide financial assistance and help develop the airship.



“Ars-sama, are you planning to invest in the development of an airship?” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu asked.



“Because it is a promise.”


“Yes, we have to keep our promises. …… Nevertheless, to be honest, Canale’s financial situation is not that good. …… Especially now that there has just been a war. …… I think Shin should give us some time here.” (Ritsu)



 Canale indeed has less money than I expected, probably because there was an ongoing war. Still, there is more room compared to Lamberk.


 However, what would Shin think if we made him wait here? He does not seem to be a patient person by nature.


 Besides, I want the airship to be built as soon as possible. If the Louvents were the first to develop an airship, it would be quite the achievement.



“Airships are important and I want them to be developed as soon as possible…”


“Yes, I do not know how much money… Shin will ask to develop it. Instead of paying the entire amount requested, how about we pay about a third of it first and the rest later? Even if we do not get the full amount, we can still develop the project for the time being” (Ritsu)


“I see… Okay, let us do that? Bring Shin in.”


“Understood.” (Ritsu)



 After a while, Ritsu brought Shin.


 Shin talked with a happy expression.



“No, it is amazing! I honestly did not think you could really become the mayor! It is worth it to follow Ars-sama!”



 Apparently, he was skeptical about whether I could become the mayor of Canale.



“That is why you will pay the development cost? I reconfirmed the theory of the airship and I was convinced that it would fly. If I have money, I will definitely make it.” (Shin)



 Shin said with a confident look.



“Actually, I am glad I became the mayor of Canale, but I do not have much financial leeway.”


“What the hell! Then you cannot pay?” (Shin)


“That is not what I said. First, I will give you a third of the amount you need. As soon as we can afford it, we will resume the assistance.”


“Mmmmm. Can you afford it?” (Shin)


“We will figure it out.”



 Shin has a slightly dissatisfied look on his face.



“All right. You got the position of mayor of Canale County as promised. I trust you, Ars-sama.” (Shin)



 Looking straight into my eyes, Shin declared.


 After that, I asked him how much money he needed. It was a moderate amount, and it would certainly be difficult to pay it in one lump sum, but I could manage to pay a third of it.


 Before paying the money, Shin and I exchanged the contract that Ritsu had prepared. It clearly stated that the Louvent family would own the airship they had created. There were also some other clauses to prevent the technology from leaking out and to secure the interests of the Louvent family.


 Shin was interested in building and flying the airship, and said he did not need ownership as long as he could take control of it and signed the contract with his blood seal.



 So, the development of Shin’s airship began. 


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