Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 162: Lords

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 A few days later, the lords came to Canale Castle.


 The Plaid family came from Torrequista, and the Orslow family came from the Khmer.


 There was also the appearance of Lithia. The moment she saw me, she ran towards me enthusiastically.


 Moreover, she hugged me.



“I am so glad, Ars-sama… I was very worried…” (Lithia)



 Lithia’s shoulders were shaking.


 The moment I was hugged, I panicked, but I felt the trembling of Lithia’s shoulders and regained my composure.



“I am sorry for making you worry. I am back safely.”


 I put my hand on Lithia’s back and said this to reassure her.


 Did she feel relieved? Lithia’s trembling stopped.


 After leaving me, Lithia muttered in a whisper that only I could hear.



“But to become the mayor of Canale so quickly, Ars-sama is exactly what he expected.” (Lithia)



 It was not the usual sweet voice, but a calm and collected voice.



“Fufufu, if you keep going like this, you may even become the governor of Messiaen.” (Lithia)


“The, governor? That is not a great idea?”



 If I aim to become governor, I would need to kick off Clan-sama or the heir Length-sama. I do not intend to do so. The immediate goal is to develop this Canale County properly and make it a strong territory.



“It is a joke.” (Lithia)



 She said with a smile, but was it just me, or did that not sound like a joke? After a long time, I realized that Lithia was still quite an ambitious girl.


 Hammond, the lord of Torrequista, and Karl, the lord of the Khmer, came under me.


 Hammond and Karl knelt and bowed as they came near.



“I pledge allegiance to Canale Mayor Ars Louvent.” (Hammond & Karl)



 Both of them declared so.



“Please raise your heads. I am still inexperienced, so even though I have been promoted mayor, there are still many things I do not understand. Let us work together to make Canale County a better place.”



 When I replied, they raised their heads.


 At first glance, Hammond does not seem to be dissatisfied with me, but Karl is not dissatisfied, but he was looking at me with a questioning look.


 I guess he is still trying to gauge whether I am the right person to be the county mayor


 It seems that he has not yet pledged allegiance sincerely. I do not seem to be disliked. Therefore, I think that if I show him that I can work properly as a lord. He will truly accept me.


 The feast started and the mood became lively.


 From Hammond’s mouth, the topic of engagement with Lithia came up.



“It was said that when the war was over, we would proceed with our engagement with Lithia…” (Hammond)


“That is right. However, the battle is not over yet, so the attack on Alcantes will start soon. When it is over, I think.”



 I told him my thoughts



Well, yes. You said before the end of the war, so it is not the right time.” (Hammond)



 Lithia agreed. However, she looks disappointed but somehow relieved at the same time.



 The feast ended successfully, and the next day the lords returned to their mansions.


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