Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 163: Claus and Ren

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 After the feast was over and the lords returned, I decided to take a short break.


 I did not have time to rest after returning from the war, so I was quite tired. There is a bathhouse in the castle, so I was soaking slowly and relieving my exhaustion.


 When I got out of the bath and was relaxing in my room,



“Big brother! Let us practice the sword together!” (Claus)



 Suddenly the child’s voice echoed.


 When I checked, it was my younger brother, Claus, coming into my room with a wooden sword.


 My brother Claus is now 6 years old. He has grown steadily and has become quite the rambunctious kid.


 He is blonde and has a slightly similar face to Father. He is a child, though, so he is not as intimidating as Father.



“I do not want to train, it is too tiring. Big Brother is going to study with me.” (Ren)



 From behind, my sister Ren said this,


 Ren has black hair and looks similar to me.


 She was a little more mentally mature than Claus.


 Ren and Claus are twins, but they were not very similar. Probably because they are fraternal twins.



“Sword practice!” (Claus)


“Study!” (Ren)



 They started to quarrel with each other. I hurriedly stop them.



“Do not quarrel because I will do both.”


“”Really!?”” (Ren & Claus)



 The two of them looked happy. I cannot take a break from this, but I do not have a choice.



“Claus spoke first, so let us practice.”


“Yay!” (Claus)


“Yes.” (Ren)



 Claus who raises both hands and rejoices and Ren who puffs out her cheeks.


 Claus has the potential to be a man of high bravery and Ren, a woman with high strategy.


 Both were interested in what they were good at.


 At six years old, both of them were still developing, but they were making good progress in their skills.


 Three of us head to the training ground.


 We took our wooden swords and decided to have a sword fight. Ren sat and observed from a little distance…



“Okay, let us go!” (Claus)


“Come at me anytime”



 Even though I am not talented, Ritsu has taught me swordsmanship. Despite Claus being a talented opponent, I am not about to be defeated by a six-year-old.


 I thought he would be a good match, but it turned out to be more dangerous than I thought. He moves fast and his strength is too strong to be considered a six-year-old.


 I managed to win this time, but I might lose in another year or so.



“I lost— my brother is amazing!” (Claus)


“Claus is also strong. Maybe I will be overtaken soon.”



 With that said, I stroked Claus’s head.


 I was looking at them as if they were children rather than younger brothers. I lived to a ripe old age of 35 in my previous life, so our actual mental age is quite far away.



“I am going to be stronger than big brother, stronger than Ritsu-san, stronger than anyone. I am going to be a warrior who fights hard for big brother.” (Claus)



 Claus clasped his fist and declared so. At the age of six, I honestly think it is amazing to have such a clear dream for the future.


 Claus is ambitious, but so far, it does not look like one. Well, he is only six years old.



“Okay, then another round!” (Claus)



 After that, we practiced with the wooden sword several times.



“Okay, that is it! I am going to study!” (Ren)



 Ren, who had grown numb after waiting so long, said.


 I was very tired, so I was grateful to be finished at this time.



“Well, we cannot finish this halfway!” (Claus)



 It seems that Claus still has a lot of physical strength.



“Why do not you practice with us, Ren?” (Claus)


“I am scared to swing my sword around! I have been waiting so long, so it is my turn!” (Ren)


“That is right. Do not be selfish, Claus.”


“Muu.” (Claus)



 Claus reluctantly agreed.


 We returned to the castle and headed for the library. Of course, Russell was in there.



“Ah, is Brother Russell studying too?” (Claus)


“…” (Russell)



 Claus called out, but it seems that Russell, who is reading a book intensively, did not seem to hear what was going on around him.



“I do not think we can study together. Russell brother will not move for a while.” (Ren)



 Ren said regretfully.


 Claus and Ren played a lot with Russell. Ren was especially very fond of him.


 The three of us began to study together, leaving Russell alone.


 It has been a while since I have studied with Ren, but she seems to be studying well with Russell, and she was surprisingly knowledgeable. I could not think of her as a mere six-year-old child.


 On the other hand, Claus was behind Ren, probably because he had not studied much.


 It was a little difficult to teach both of them together because there was a big difference in the progress of their knowledge, but I managed to do it.



“… I cannot study anymore” (Claus)



 Claus, who had reached the limit of his brain, sank to the desk. He had been thinking too much and his head was boiling.



“Haha, you have to study more Claus, but Ren is amazing.”


“I was taught by Brother Russell because Claus does not think, so I have to be smarter.” (Ren)



 A mischievous smile appeared on Ren’s face.


 I thought that future Ren would be a handful to Claus.


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