Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 164: Collecting Human Resources

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 After the holidays, I decided to have a formal discussion with my vassals about the management of the territory.



 Ritsu, Russell, Charlotte, Femme, and everyone was gathering.



 Before talking about the meeting, I asked Femme what I needed to ask him.



“How is Mireille? Is she ruling Lamberk properly?”


“According to Ben’s report, it seems that she is governing without any problems so far.” (Femme)



 Femme reported. It has not been long since I ordered Mireille to manage, and I do not think she will make any problems at this point.



“Now that we have got that out of the way, let us talk about what we should focus on for the future management of the territory. As for me, I think the first priority should be to gather human resources.”



 I said my thoughts first. Now that I was the county mayor, I had more people I could hire. Well, I cannot hire as many people as I would like, partly because of our financial difficulties, but I can still afford to hire a few dozen people.



“I think it is a good idea to do it first, since identifying human resources is one of Ars-sama’s greatest strengths. However, it may be a little inefficient for you to go to the street and look at the personnel yourself, as you have been doing.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu commented.


 It is indeed tiring to walk around and look at people personally, and it may be a waste of time because I do not know if the people I find will become my vassals. It was not an efficient method.



“What do you think we should do specifically?”



 I asked, hoping that Ritsu would have some ideas



“I think it would be a good idea to put out a recruitment notice, regardless of status. If we let them know that Ars-sama is an expert at spotting talent, they may come to you if they think they have it in them.” (Ritsu)


“That is a good idea, if I am to lead Canale County, I can send out broadcast announcements. I will do that.”



 Once the decision was made to send out an announcement, Russell said.



“You know what? You can recruit people, but you cannot take an unlimited number of people, so you’d better decide in advance what kind of people you want to take.” (Russell)


“That is… true, but if you see talented people, you will want to get them.”


“As Russell says, Ars-sama, it is best to set the requirements and hire people qualified, even ignoring those with the most talent.” (Ritsu)


“Hmm, I guess we have no choice?”



 When Ritsu and Russell tell me, I have to agree.



“What kind of human resources should we take? Since there is still a battle, probably brave warriors?”


“Well… I think that is fine for the time being. It may be necessary to reconsider after the war.” (Ritsu)


“Speaking of brave people, what happened to that newly recruited Braham?” (Russell)



 Russell asked.



“Braham I left him to Ritsu, but… how is he?”


“He is as strong as ever, sir. The problem is his head, but he is learning pretty well. He does not have a bad head, as Ars-sama said. It is still dangerous to let him lead a large number of troops, but I do not think he will have a problem leading a small squad.” (Ritsu)



 It looks like he is growing steadily. That is good.



“It is a good idea to get someone who can use magic if you want to use them in battle.” (Charlotte)



 Charlotte, who had been silent until a while ago, gave her opinion for the first time.



“I definitely want people who can use magic.”


“Also, I think it would be better if there was a facility that not only gathers human resources but also teaches about magic and researches magic.” (Charlotte)



 It is a bit of a tangent with the agenda of finding talent, but it is a little surprising because Charlotte has made a decent proposal.


“What is that look on your faces, you three?” Charlotte looked unhappy. It seems to have appeared on our faces.



 Currently, Canale has no facility to study or teach magic. There is no doubt that having such a facility would be a plus for territorial management.




“It is definitely better to create a facility related to magic. There are some hurdles to creating it, such as finding a lot of human resources with magical aptitude, and then raising construction costs and research costs.” (Ritsu)


“We cannot make it right now, but let us make the facility a priority.”


“That is right. Let us find talent immediately. Let us give priority to those who have a high talent for using magic.” (Russell)


“That is right. All right, I will send out the announcement as soon as possible.”



 With the cooperation of Russell and Ritsu, we devised a recruitment statement that would make it easier for people to gather, so we made a signboard and placed it in the town of Canale and the villages in each territory.


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