Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 165: Recruitment of Talents

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 We had decided to actively search for human resources for a while, but we also needed to prepare for the coming war.


 To mobilize a large number of soldiers, we would naturally need a large amount of money, food, and other supplies. In addition to mobilizing troops, we also needed to gather many strategic resources such as ether.


 However, the more money we pay for airship research, the fewer troops and supplies we will be able to gather. If there are fewer troops to mobilize, Clan-sama’s reputation could take a hit. Well, we just have to work hard on the battlefield to make up for it.


 Not only do we need to increase our numbers, but we also need to raise the skill level of our soldiers.


 I decided to leave the training to Ritsu and the others.


 Thus, I decided to appraise those who saw the signboard for recruitment.


 It seems that the signboard was effective, and a certain number of people and applicants who wanted to serve gathered.


 The people who gathered were of various statuses: children of fallen nobles, townspeople, farmers, former mercenaries who now worked as bouncers, hunters, and so on.



 When I appraise them using my appraisal skills, I do not give them the results on the spot, but tell them to come back in a few days to get the results later, and then send them on their way.


 It seemed that the sign said that the lord had the power to see through people’s talents as much as they saw them, but some of the volunteers were still dissatisfied because they were sent home after just seeing them without doing anything. Perhaps it would have been better to do some kind of test, even if it was just a formality.


 Well, it is hard to say which is better, because I judge people based on their potential, not on their current abilities, so I could be questioned why I thought one is good and the other is not.


 On the first day, I appraised more than 100 people and overworked my eyes, but no one of good caliber came.


 There were a couple of people with 70s who were reasonably good, and I wondered if I should hire them or not, and I discussed it with Ritsu and the others, but we decided to pass on them this time because they were not outstanding and their aptitude for magic was not very high.


 Perhaps, as the size of the territory grows in the future, we may offer it again. At that time, I do not know if they would accept it, but I kept a record of their features and location.


 One thing that bothered me about the appraisals this time was the fact that all the people who came were men.


 Women are no match for men in melee (with some exceptions), but in magic, like Charlotte, there may be some who have tremendous talent.


 Those who are smart and have high political power are high regardless of gender. If they are excellent, even women will be vassals, but the trend is similar to the Middle Ages is that women take care of their families and men work, so there is no one wishing to apply.


 The signboard says that anyone is welcome, but it does not say that women are also welcome.


 As far as I was concerned, it meant that anyone was welcome, including women, but I guess people in this world automatically assume that all men are welcome.


 It was a bit of a hassle, but I asked them to add a sentence to the sign saying that women are also welcome.


 I hope women will come with this.



 After that, I did appraisals for a few days, but I could not find anyone I wanted to make my retainer.


 To be honest, it was getting hard on my eyes.


 I thought it might be a good idea to stop for a while, but I did not want to give up and continued the search.


 I took a few days off, but my eyes were exhausted because I have done to do many appraisals. Will I lose my eyesight if I use it too much? To be honest, I am a little worried.


 At this point, my eyesight has not started to deteriorate. There is no eye test, but I can see clearly with my naked eye.


 The most important thing is that I have not been able to find anyone yet. If I keep turning them down, word will get out that I am too strict, and no one will come. Maybe it is time to take someone, even if I have to force myself to do so.



“Today there are 40 people.” (Vassal)



 The servant of the castle told me so.


 There are not many today. This seems to be easy.


 Let everyone enter the room immediately.


 As usual, it was mostly men, but there were two women. Women were coming in little by little.


 First, after giving a brief greeting, I immediately look at them using appraisal.


 The first thing I tried to identify was a tall, ridiculously conspicuous man with bright red hair.


 Oh, it is a good status.


 The name is Zat Brozed. His age is 31 years old


 His bravery is 81, which is quite powerful. Both strategy and politics are not bad at 70 units. He has a command of 51 and does not seem to be very good at leading soldiers.


 Ambition is 56, which seems a little high.


 His current ability is almost the same as his limit, which suggests that he has been training hard.


 The suitability is very high with A for infantry. The others were C and D.


 He may not be very good at magic, but if he has such a good ability, it is probably a good idea to hire him.


 For the first time, I was able to find excellent human resources from recruitment, and I feel good to see other human resources.



 However, it did not go so well, and I could not find any excellent human resources.



 The last of the forty recruits was a child. He was about the same height as me.


 At first glance, it was hard to tell if he was a boy or a girl. His hair was short and his breasts did not look full, so I guessed he was a boy.



 When I appraised him, it was different. He was a girl.


 Her name seemed to be Musha Trick. She was surprisingly old at sixteen.



 The important thing was her status……


 This girl is not bad at all.


 Her leadership, bravery, intelligence, and politics limits were all in the 70s.


 Ambition was 32, not that high.


 The current values are all in the 40s, so her current abilities are not very good, but I expect her to grow.


 However, this heroism is rare for women. She is not as high and strong as Mireille.



 However, when I looked at her aptitudes, I saw that she had an “A” in Magic Soldier aptitude.


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