Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 17: Study Together

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The morning after.

“Ars-sama, Russell is here.” (Ritsu)

Upon receiving word from Ritsu, I hurried out of the mansion and met him.

When I came to the front of the mansion, I could see Russell being chaperoned by Greg.

“Oh, Ars-sama, I’m sorry to have bothered your sir. Russell you bow down too.” (Greg)

Greg grabbed Russel’s head and made him bow.

“Then I will proceed to my job Ars-sama. Russell don’t be a bother.”  (Greg)

After the greeting Greg left the mansion.

“Come on Russell, let’s go inside the mansion…” (Ars)


As I approached while talking, Russell became frightened and stepped backwards.

Why are you so scared?

Is this more of a phobia than shyness?

“Russell, I’m not going to do any harm to you. Don’t be scared.”

I said so with a smile so that I wouldn’t look scary.

However, Russell’s expression still looked scared,

“Uh, it’s a lie.” (Russell)

He spoke.

This is the first time he has spoken properly.

“I’m not lying” (Ars)

“Uh, it’s a lie. Oh, I don’t have any talent. I’m sure you called me to be a slave or something. Or to make fun or bully me. That’s right. It must be case.” (Russell)

As if everything keeping him from talking had been cut. Russell spew out words quickly.

He’s a very pessimistic child.

His distrustful nature is also showing.

Well those could be good traits to a military officer? Being too optimistic and trusting people immediately can be problematic.

However, I don’t want you to be very cautious here.

I approach Russell and gently grab his shoulders with both hands.

He was completely terrified that his body was shivering.

I stared straight into the light blue eyes of Russell.

“I’m sure you’re talented, so I had you be brought here, not to do you any harm.” (Ars)

“…U” (Russell)

Seriously when I said that, I felt that Russell’s trembling had subsided if only a little.

But he couldn’t believe me so easily, and after a few seconds, Russell turned his face and looked away.

I can’t waste time talking anymore.

“Come with me!” (Ars)

I said so and headed to the study room where I always study with Ritsu.

“Is that child all right?” (Ritsu)

On the way to the head, Ritsu asked in a whisper.

Even after entering the mansion, Russell looked around with a worried expression.

It looks like he is very cautious.

“Bow-wow!!” (Arsis)

Pets are kept in the mansion, Arsis ran and came to me.

“Waaaaah! It’s a beast!” (Russell)

The moment Russell sees Arsis, Russell escapes and hides in a nearby statue.

“You’re too scared. It’s okay he is not a beast.” (Ars)

I stroked Arsis’s head to show him that it was okay. Then Arsis flapped his wings as if saying he’s happy.

“Isn’t it cute?” (Ars)

It just a winged pet dog. Like a Pekingese or Shih Tsu he’s not scary just cute.

“Yes, it’s pretty cute in that state, but it probably transforms. It is probably in that state when it’s not hungry, but it is probably a cerberus…? Yeah, he’s baiting me. He must have been the reason for calling me. That’s the truth. Small kids are its favorite food. Absolutely.” (Russell)

Once again, he speaks fast and gives negative thoughts.

This is also a different trajectory from Charlotte but both of them have quirky personalities.

With Russell being scared, I called a servant to take Arsis out for a walk.

“See he’s not scary?” (Ars)

I say so, but I’m wondering why Russell is still vigilant.

I’ve already wasted a lot of time. Upon arriving at the study room.

Russel can see that there are many books in my study room.

“Speaking of which, is Russell able to read?” (Ars)

The literacy rate in this world is not as high as Japan.

Then again he’s just five years old so the chance of him reading properly was very low.

“I can’t read.” (Russell)

If you can’t read the first step is to make him able to.

Even Ritsu couldn’t read at first, but after studying for about five days, he could read properly.

It took me about three weeks to learn, so I was reminded of the difference in talent.

The fact that Russell has a high capacity for strategy and politics his intelligence is guaranteed.

Given that he is still a child and should absorb information quickly, it is not unusual to learn faster than Ritsu.

“I’m going to self-study today, so teach Russell the how to read.” (Ars)

“Understood” (Ritsu)

I decided to self-study and let Ritsu teach him.

Whether Russell was frightened, he obeyed what Ritsu says. I’m worried if he can study properly in that kind of situation.

Believing that Ritsu can find a way, I concentrated on my studies.

However, if there is no good without Ritsu teaching me I’m not making enough progress.

I’m studying tactics, but I don’t really understand because I don’t know what actual battles are like.

Well, I should study other things. I should leave the tactics to the military officer.

should I study focusing on geography and history?

Then, I changed my study content to something like this and ended up not learning anything at all. After all, my academic ability in the previous life was average at best.

It is impossible to concentrate and study like I’m possessed.

It’s been a long time, so let’s see how much Russell has learned.

When I stopped studying and looked at Russell and Ritsu, I saw Russell reading a book silently.

Ritsu is looking at Russell without saying anything.

“What does this mean? Has he master the letters already?”

The characters in this world are closer to English than Japanese.

It’s less difficult to learn than Japanese because it doesn’t use multiple character types, but it’s still amazing to learn at this speed.

“Eh, yeah it’s hard to believe… but his ability to learn is a bit unusual, I guess? This child was interested in the book after he learned how to read, so he read it…” (Ritsu)

“Can you read the book properly?” (Ars)

“Yes, this isn’t the first book. It’s the third.” (Russell)

“That’s insane. There are about 300 pages per book.” (Ars)

“He’s a fast reader, also I noticed he fully understands the contents of the books he reads. While he’s reading, he’s not responding at all when I’m calling his attention. He’s insanely focused. It’s like he’s only answering because I’m asking a question. While Russell is reading a book, I just have to sit and wait, what a genius…”  (Ritsu)

Russell seems smart enough to make Ritsu grumble.

“At first, I thought he was a miss, but it seems that there is no mistake in the ability of Ars-sama to see through the talent…” (Ritsu)

After that, Russell continued reading as many books as he liked.

As night approached, I was feeling sleepy and Russell suddenly fell asleep as if his battery had run out.

I ordered my servant to send Russell home.


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