Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 172: The Beginning of War

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~Ritsu’s Perspective~



 A few days later, a report arrived for Ritsu that the enemy forces were close by.



 The catalyst engine has already been installed, and preparations for battle are already complete.


 It was a situation where I could come whenever I came.



 For a moment, I looked in the direction that the enemy will attack.



 After a while, I heard the sound of rumbling earth.



 Sights Army has arrived.


 Their army is attacking all at once.



 I did not immediately give instructions.



 First, I wait for the enemy to reach the river.


 When the speed of their advance slows down, I take aim at them.



 Of course, the opponent has probably predicted it and immediately cast defensive magic, but there is no problem.



 There is Charlotte in our army.


 Seeing the enemy troops enter the river, Ritsu I raise the signal to use magic.



“Fire!” (Ritsu)




 At the very beginning, Charlotte casts a spell.




 The first magic Charlotte unleashed was [Hell Fire], the strongest magic of the flame attribute.


 I would have preferred to use the explosion magic, but since there were is too little ether, I left it for the more important defense of the base.



 There was an opinion that we should use everything in this battle, but I decided that I could not take that much risk.



 Flame magic is less powerful and easier to defend than explosion magic, but it didn’t matter with Charlotte.



 [Hell Fire] is magic that consumes and uses all the ether of a large catalyst engine.



 Even when used by an ordinary mage, it was magic that enveloped the battlefield in explosive flames, creating a hellish scene, but when used by Charlotte, it was beyond hell.


 As if the enemy’s defensive magic didn’t exist, she destroyed it in an instant, transforming the battlefield into a sea of fire in the blink of an eye.


 I was worried that using flame magic in the water might reduce its power a little, but it wasn’t a problem because of the overwhelming firepower.


 Following Charlotte, other mages also started using magic.



 Due to the limited number of large catalyst engines, most used magic with medium or small catalyst engines.


 Those who use large ones are limited to those who have the highest abilities among mages.


 However, this time, even Musha, a new recruit, also used a large catalyst machine.


 I couldn’t complain because I left the mages for Charlotte, but I was a little worried.


 It is said that she can sometimes use very powerful magic, but the still immature Musha usually fails. We can’t afford to waste one large catalyst machine.



 I watched Musha use magic and prayed.



 But my worries are instantly dispelled.


 [Hell Fire], cast by the newcomer Musha, laid waste to the battlefield with the same power as Charlotte.



 Apparently, it was a hit.


 The person who used the magic is also surprised. Probably it was the most powerful of all the magic she has ever used.



 It was a nice miscalculation. Even though Charlotte’s magic was already deployed, the enemy soldiers were greatly rattled, and even more when Musha’s magic was activated. The distress will be even deeper.



 The other soldiers ran away immediately. The commander did not seem to be instructing the withdrawal, but they escaped in a completely uncontrolled manner.


 Perhaps the enemy soldiers, who were afraid of the situation, completely lost their fighting spirit, ignored the orders and ran away.



 The enemy soldiers were undoubtedly a well-organized force, but the tragic scene of the battlefield had definitely broken their hearts. The sight of their allies being burned to death, struggling and dying, seemed to have taken a heavy toll on their spirits.


 Seeing the enemy flee, I stopped the mages’ attacks and ordered the cavalrymen to charge.



 Cramant, Braham, and others set out to defeat the soldiers who fled all at once.



 They need to chase the fleeing soldiers to do as much damage as possible to the enemy army.


 It was easy to chase down the scattered enemies who are in a state of chaos.


 Making sure to defeat each and every one.



 As soon as they saw the enemy generals retreating in the rear, they charged at once.


 Since the enemy soldiers were in disarray, Braham’s troops on horseback were able to catch up with them easily.


 After kicking out the few soldiers that were left to guard the general, the enemy general and Braham began to fight.



“I’ll take your head!” (Braham)



 The enemy general desperately fights back against Braham, who loudly challenges him to a battle.


 Braham’s ability was quite high and he was no longer too stupid to make a mistake like he did when he fought me, so the battle was one-sidedly decided and he defeated the enemy general without any difficulty.




 The first battle ended in an overwhelming victory for the Canale army.


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