Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 18: Russell’s personality

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 After that Russell comes to study with me every day.

 The second and third were frightened by not being completely alert, but they seem to understand that with each and every visit they come to, we are not injured.

 Now I’m completely accustomed to the 20th time. I started to call Ritsu as teacher and me as Ars.

 I read a lot of books, and I think I will read all the books in my study room.

 Books are quite precious in this world, so there is not a tremendous amount, but it is not enough to read in 20 days, so it is a tremendous speed reading ability.

 He seems to have learned a lot of things that an average adult does not know.

 However, the number of political power and strategy still did not soar to 48.

 Perhaps the status of strategy is not high if you only have basic memory and knowledge.

 It is important to be able to understand and use the acquired knowledge meaningfully.

 Russell, who is only five years old has little experience in life. He does not know how to use his own knowledge, and no matter how fast he learns, he will not become a “man”.

 However, considering his maximum potential, if he grows older and gains life experience, he will be able to use the knowledge he has acquired in a meaningful way, and his strategy values will continue to rise.

 Well, anyway, I think it is important to acquire various knowledge.

 Fortunately, he is also interested in reading.

 Knowledge that you voluntarily learn will be easier to remember than knowledge forced upon you.

 The study is progressing smoothly, but there were some points about Russell that concerns me.




“Oh, I’m a bad kid… I shouldn’t have been born…” (Russell)


 As usual, Russell came to the mansion to study, but it seems that he was very depressed, because something happened at home.

 He is not reading a book, instead he is on the floor at the corner with his face between his knees. When he is depressed, he is in a position that’s quite a pitiful sight to anyone who might see.

 This isn’t the first time Russell has been this pitiful.

 This is what happens when Greg gets angry at home.

 I try to comfort him.


“Was he angry at you again? Why did he get angry?” (Ars)



 It’s hard to know when Russell keeps silent.


“Did you wet the bed?” (Ars)

“Waaaaah!” (Russell)


 I think I was right.


“As I said before, when you’re a kid, everybody wets the bed. No matter what.” (Ars)

“…Do you do Ars-sama?” (Russell)



 I shut up

 Bed wetting is a phenomenon that occurs in young children due to immature urinary organs. In other words, it is not the kind of thing that can be prevented because one’s soul is an adult.

 When I was about three years old, I wet the bed several times, and every time I was so embarrassed that I wanted to die.

 Fortunately, I don’t urinate now, probably because my urinary organ developed earlier than most.

 Honestly answering that could pose some damage to Russell’s ego.

 I wonder if I should lie, I am a little lost in what to say. Due to the gap in the reply. Russell seems to have guessed,


“You don’t! It’s just me. Shit! I’ll cut this off!” (Russell)

“Wait, wait! You are trying to do something ridiculous!” (Ars)


 Russell might be carrying a knife for self-defense but he tries to stop it by cutting “it” off. I panicked at his crazy behavior.


“It won’t stop. It will stop if I don’t have this!” (Russell)

“Well, I’m sorry. But instead of fixing it it’s probably going to get worse! It will also hurt a lot!” (Ars)


 When I said that, Russell’s hand suddenly stopped.


“Is it painful?” (Russell)

“Obviously” (Ars)

“How much? Like being kicked in the shin?” (Russell)

“It would hurt so-so much worse compared to that.” (Ars)


 I’ve never done it, so I don’t really know.

 Fearing that it was painful, Russell hid his knife.

 Well, he’s the one who tries to do ridiculous things. But I’m the one feeling extremely tired.

 The downside of this kid is that he is too negative.

 If you want to be a military officer, overly optimistic thoughts may not be good. But it’s hard to say that being as pessimistic as Russel is good. Can’t I somehow make his thoughts a bit more positive?

 If we got older and It doesn’t change. It will be bad; I have to do something about it right now.

 Should I talk with Ritsu later about a good solution?




 After Russell returned, I talked with Ritsu about Russell’s troublesome personality.


“Yes, I was curious about the personality of Russell, even if we kept his good sides and bad sides as a military officer. Even though he has such great talent, that it makes me feel inferior. His personality is not very comfortable to look at.” (Ritsu)


 It seems that I wasn’t the only one who wanted to manage Russell’s personality.


“The reason for Russell’s negativity is entirely due to his father Greg. I think he’s been negative because he kept denying him.” (Ritsu)

“I agree with that. Should I make Greg praise him?” (Ars)

“If you order Greg to compliment Russell, he’ll probably notice that his father didn’t really compliment him, because he’s quite a clever boy. I wish he could do something that impresses Greg.” (Ritsu)


 Something impressive?

 What can Russell do to show his talent?

 In order to make Greg a hunter evaluate him better wouldn’t a way to help hunt prey be impressive?


“For example, how about letting Russell think of a new trap that could be useful in hunting. Then using it to show his father how smart he is?” (Ars)

“Traps…? It might be difficult. If Greg is a hunter, he knows a lot of traps, and no matter how smart he is, it’s not so easy to think of a new trap.” (Ritsu)

“It is hard right?”


 Certainly creating a new trap will not be easy.

 Could it be too difficult for Russell, who is still five years old?


“But making it is not a bad idea. Reading a book isn’t enough for nurturing your knowledge. It’s no good if you don’t actually think about it. Making a trap for hunting prey. That would be a good practice in that sense.” (Ritsu)


 Will it be a practice to raise Russell’s strategy?

 Contrary to expectations, if he makes a great trap he will be recognized by Greg. And if he doesn’t get it right it will be a great practice for being a strategist. We might have to try this option first.

 Tomorrow, I asked Ritsu to have Russell make a trap. 
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