Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 2: Identification

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A few months have passed since that fateful day.

As I became able to understand the language, there are some things I found out.

First of all, I was reincarnated, but it seems to be Ars Louvent.

I can’t remember my previous life’s name.

I remember how I lived, but the name is completely forgotten.

It would be good to remember both names but knowing both might get me confused.

Another discovery is that this world may not be the earth I know.

The reason why I thought so was that the civilization’s level of technology was too backward compared to earth.

There’s no access to TV, radio, or smartphone, there is even no electricity, and they use lamps for lighting. Anyway, there isn’t one thing in my house that I can call modern technology.

It feels like a very poor house but the house is spacious and luxurious. So it might be wrong to say that it is poor.

There is a possibility that I have been born into an unusual family, so I can’t say for sure.

There’s another reason that I think this is not earth.

There are creatures in this house that I have never seen before.

There is a creature that looks like a dog, but not a dog.

You can see wings are growing from its back. If it starts flapping them, it starts to fly from a few meters.

Without wings, it looks like a normal pet dog, a Japanese Chin.

By the way, it seems to be called Arsis.

No winged flying dog could have existed on earth.

That is why, I have to conclude that there is a strong, undeniable possibility that this is not earth.

Though, I do not yet know what kind of world it is.

However, since there are Arsises, I think there is a great possibility of it being a fantasy world.

I seem to have been involved in something troublesome.

After three years have passed by.

I became three years old, I became able to walk and talk. I also mastered the language perfectly.

And, to some extent, I have become more familiar with the current situation.

First of all, this world I was born in is a different world from the earth.

It seems that I was born in a place called the Somerforce Empire on the continent of Somerforce.

I have never heard of such a continent and a country. It shouldn’t be in the history I know.

Furthermore, I learned that there is magic and that it exists. It can create fire, water, or any unnatural phenomenon.

When I first saw magic, I was convinced that it was a different world.

And the Louvent family where I was born, seems to be from the aristocracy.

The family governs a small land called Lamberk, which has about 200 houses and a population of about 1,000.

I was born as the eldest son of the and heir to the Louvent family.

To be honest, I’m quite worried.

After all, I was once just an office worker. So, can I be in a position to lead anybody?

I wish I could leave the actual work to my retainers and so I can live a life of leisure and relaxation.

And one last thing I found out.

It seems that I have a unique ability exclusive to me.

“Good morning, young master” (Servant)

“Good morning” (Ars)

I was visiting the training ground right next to the mansion.

The Louvent family has a militia force of about 120 personnel, most of them are farmers.

Farmers were practicing during periods where harvests have ended and thus practicing in the training grounds.

He practices various things such as poking a spear and shooting a bow.

“Little master you often come here.” (Militia)

“I’m still three-years-old that’s why I’m small” (Ars)

I notice people looking at me warmly because they see a three-year-old child interested in martial arts.

But I’m not interested in martial arts.

I was interested in a certain person.

I used my unique skill while gazing at the man with training with a spear.

The skill is called .

is my unique skill.

If you gaze at something, you can get detailed information about it.

Only a person’s ability can be assessed.

Since nobody else taught me about this ability.

I named it myself.

I thought it might appropriate to call it an appraisal because I could find out information on people I appraise.

As I kept staring at the man, a black screen appeared in front of me. The information of the man who is staring at now is written this way. Nobody but me can see this board.

The board says:

 Millet Crystal – 21 years old – ♂



Command 21/35

Bravery 60/62

Wisdom 22/32

Politics 15/31

Ambition 3



Infantry D                 Cavalry D                 Archery B

Magic Soldier D       Fortification D           Weapons D

Navy D                     Air Force D              Strategy D

The way Appraisal displays the status reminds me of an old game once played.

I begin to ponder.

Command is the ability to lead the army.

Bravery shows if you are strong or weak

Strategy is knowledge gained.

Politics is the ability for negotiation and domestic affairs.

Ambition is the chance of betrayal.

The number on the left is the current level of the ability, and the number on the right is the potential or the maximum level.

As a measure of ability value,

100 or more, monster

90 units, super excellent

80 units, excellent

70 units, good

60 units, average

50 units, weak

40 units, bad

30 or less, useless

Is it like this?

If it was like that historical game that I liked, it would be like this.

As a result of seeing various people, I’m certain of the precision and accuracy of my Appraisal.

Next is the aptitude.

Infantry shows a talent for close combat

Cavalry for mounted combat

Archery is talent at ranged combat

Magic soldier is for magical combat

Construction is infrastructure building

Weapons are talent as a blacksmith

Navy is suitable for naval combat

The Air Force probably has something to do when fighting while flying

Strategy is tactics and talent for turning the tides of battle

D is the lowest and S is the highest aptitude.

By the way, the ability does not work on me. The status board does not appear even if I look at any visible part of my body. Even looking at the mirror is impossible. It’s a pity not knowing my skills and aptitudes, plus knowing it kind of scares me.

The status of Millet who is training is at least on a heroic level, but the rest is at the lowest level.

Well, the status of most of the militia is similar to this.

Others have passable aptitudes, but others are at low. Some of them don’t even have any skills.

But something is worrisome about Millet.

He has a high aptitude for archery. In other words, he should be good at using a bow.

However, he is currently practicing fighting with spears.

I’ve seen him practicing with a spear for a long time, and I’ve never seen him practicing with anything else, does no one practice using bows?

Is Millet not willing to use a bow?

I should probably ask.

“Millet there” (Ars)

“Eh, a kid. How did you know my name?” (Millet)

Millet is confused when he speaks to me.

“Why don’t you use a bow?” (Ars)

“A bow? Fighting beyond an enemy’s reach is an act of a coward.” (Millet)

Just for that unacceptable reason.

If it is just that, he should use it.

With an archery aptitude of B, he’ll be able to use the bow with ease.

“Try it once” (Ars)

“What?” (Millet)

“You have a talent, so try it once.” (Ars)

“No, even at the request of the young mast…” (Millet)

Millet refuses, but the soldiers screamed at the same time, “It’s the young master’s request. You can’t not do it.”

“Oh, I understand.” (Millet)

He answered while sighing.

Soldiers do not know about my appraisal skill. Perhaps they’re just trying to get have the lord’s son quit bothering them.

“I’ve never used a bow…” (Millet)

Millet was holding a bow and arrow while muttering.

Then he pointed the bow towards the target.

“Millet, if it’s your first time, you have to move closer. You’ll miss the target at that position.”

Said a soldier who gave millet the bow,

“Shoot at that position” (Ars)

I ordered, so he decided to shoot from where he was standing.

Millet pulled the string all the way, then as he let’s go of the string and released the arrow.

It flew straight, shooting beautifully through the center of the target.

Other than me, everyone was staring at the target filled with surprise and disbelief.

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